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Shopping Hauls: Understanding Its Environmental Impact + 3 Creative Solutions

Shopping Hauls: Understanding Its Environmental Impact + 3 Creative Solutions



here used to be an online trend where “everyone” would post massive shopping hauls, showcasing all the cool stuff they purchased at a go. It became such a rich tradition and saw bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers alike all taking part in it for years. However, this kind of content is gradually becoming obsolete as people are more aware of the problems of overconsumption.

Today, we are all wiser about what we buy and the implications to our environment. So rather than repeatedly showing off your ‘shopping haul’, get creative and showcase vintage finds, pieces used in an innovative way or just old pieces that have been repaired. By doing this, you not only do your part in making our environment better, but also inspire others to do the same. Having said that, there are some great alternatives to shopping hauls that have little to no impact on planet earth. 

Check out 3 effective alternatives to shopping hauls in order to help our planet…

#1. Invest in quality pieces that are durable


Investing in quality pieces is a great way to avoid doing multiple shopping hauls over time. This way, you purchase pieces that are durable and trendy. If you bought a good leather bag, for example, you would probably use it all year round. This way, you don’t have to buy a new one every time something cool comes up in the stores. You can find some exquisite Italian leather woven bags on sites like Mirta and enjoy it for the next decades. Italian leather is by far the best quality, so make sure whichever piece you choose is made in Italy. Although good quality comes at a cost, you can do a research in order to get the real deal. This will help you save money because you will know what’s out there and the price range they are in. 

#2. Make repairs to your old pieces and make them last longer

Photo: Merve Sehirli Nasir | Unsplash

In the situation that you can’t afford a big purchase and want to avoid buying too much stuff, make some repairs on your old pieces. This way you won’t have to buy new things all the time. If you know how to sew or work with leather, this should be easy-peasy for you and you can also offer this service to our friends. In addition, organize your stuff properly as this helps them keep their shape in the long run. You can use wooden boxes or bags with compartments for this purpose. Make sure to have everything you want to wear somewhere easily accessible, and then work hard to get the rest organized.

#3. Get multipurpose outfits to rock to different events

Photo: Alexandra Gorn | Unsplash

This is probably the most intelligent way to go about it. If you invest in a couple of lovely pieces that look good together and can also be worn on their own, then you don’t have to buy new stuff all the time. You can get away with wearing some of the same things over and over again because they look different each time. These multipurpose outfits could be a pair of trousers that you can pair with a shirt to work and a nice jacket for night-time events.

We are happy to see that this trend is catching on, but it doesn’t have to be just Gen Z–the current participants. Any of us can try shopping with a purpose and not feel bad about limiting shopping hauls. You should buy what inspires you or fits your needs without being trapped into a trend that indirectly harms the planet

Featured image: Ron Lach | Pexels

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