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Based in New York, the Style Rave Shop was created out of the expressed interest of our Instagram followers, who constantly asked about where to shop the chic looks we share with them.

Behind every well-dressed celebrity, there’s a stylist or two at work. And at Style Rave, we believe you are the star and we are your digital stylist. We also believe being fashionable is the ultimate form of nonverbal self-expression. So we carefully curate fashion pieces that help you achieve that certified Style Raven look effortlessly. Think uniquely designed pieces that require little effort from you with elegance and confidence guaranteed.

At Style Rave, we believe in being bold and going after what sets your soul on fire. So, what better way to arm yourself for the pursuit of your passions than with stylish pieces that tell the world who you are [a go-getter] without you even uttering a word.

Looking stunning is not unique to one size; so we aim to offer a wide range of sizes. Our collection is reflective of our commitment to using fashion as a tool for inclusivity. Since no two Style Ravens are alike, so we do our best to accommodate the eclectic taste of our discerning Style Ravens. From trendy clothes to timeless pieces, casual looks to occasion and party wear, contemporary sportswear to business casual, you can expect to find quality pieces that reflect the different facets of your life and lasts through many seasons.

Finally, we want our customers to have fun! Experiment with accessories, play with colors as you discover your true sense of style!

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Through our partnership with weCare Africa, a percentage of your order goes towards helping fund the education of children in underserved rural regions of Africa.