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SR International: Derek Jeter Talks New Docu-Series, Family, Clothing Line, And More

SR International: Derek Jeter Talks New Docu-Series, Family, Clothing Line, And More


Derek Jeter didn’t know that a billboard advertising “The Captain,” ESPN Films’ new seven-part docuseries about him, was going to get prime placement inside Fenway Park, home of his Red Sox rivals. “That’s funny, right?” says the former Yankees star, 48. “Randy [Wilkins] the director sent me a photo of it and I said, ‘Hopefully people don’t start throwing things at it.'” The fanbase in Boston has treated me a lot better since I retired,” he adds. Derek Jeter Net Worth

Derek Jeter, who reportedly has a net worth of $200 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth, says one of his main workouts these days is chasing his three young daughters—Bella, 4, Story, 3, and River, seven months—around at home in Miami, where he and his wife, Hannah, live.derek-jeter-net-worth-style-rave

The Captain originated from the filming of Jeter receiving the call about being inducted into the Hall of Fame; he wanted to record it so his daughters could see it when they got older. “It turned into this bigger documentary…. Obviously, they’ve never had a chance to see me play, don’t know that side of me,” says Jeter, who retired in 2014. “I don’t know if they’ll have any interest in it, but it’s there if they want to watch.”

Jeter is also working on his line of athletic clothing, Greatness Wins, with co-founders Misty Copeland, Wayne Gretzy, and Chris Riccobono; getting his toenails painted, and not eating breakfast. Here, he speaks to WSJ. about all of that and more.

Here are some things Derek Jeter revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On what time he gets up in the morning, and the first thing he does:

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“Let me start with, I don’t know what day of the week it is anymore. I have three young girls. So Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, it’s all the same.”

I’m not a big sleeper anymore. I go to sleep very early but I don’t sleep through the night. So I’d say I get up and out of bed maybe around 6 a.m., if I’m lucky. The first thing I do is go work out. Now, don’t think that this is some huge workout. During my career, I had no choice but to do it, but now it’s toned down quite a bit. It’s the first thing I do because if I don’t do it when I first wake up, I just won’t do it.

On his workout routine:

I can lie to you and say whatever I want right now, but if I’m going to be honest with you, it’s a lot of stuff on the treadmill, jump rope, lifting some weights—not too much. It’s just staying active. And then I’m chasing three kids for the rest of the day.

On whether he takes vitamins:

I take multivitamins, whatever my wife gets me. There’s a lot of trust there.

On how his daughters figure into his routines:

They’re pretty good. They go to sleep around 7, 7:30 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m. So we’ll get up, they’ll eat breakfast. I’ll be downstairs with them. I’ll drop them off at school and then I’ll pick them up, usually around 2 p.m., and then it’s ballet classes or tennis lessons or I’m getting my fingernails painted or toes painted. It’s pretty interesting, but it varies from day to day.

On what he does to set himself up for a good week:

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“I write down everything now. I’ve been asked, if I could go back and change one thing, what would it be? I would go back and I would have kept a journal my entire career. I did it my last season. Every day I wrote one or two sentences, just on how I felt that day. I wish I would’ve done it during my career, but now I write everything down. I prioritize. I’m big on preparation.”

On the time of day he’s most creative:

Late afternoon or early afternoon, because that’s when my two oldest are at school. [But] I don’t want to make it seem like I’m not productive when I’m with my kids.

On the things he misses about being in the MLB, and what he doesn’t miss at all:

I miss friendships. I miss being in the clubhouse. You’re part of a team, you have shared goals—that translates to business as well—but you do miss those long-term relationships that you build. What I don’t miss is the day-to-day grind. I’m not complaining, but I took about two or three weeks off a year, and the schedule is every single day. I think the daily grind is something I don’t miss. Physically I don’t miss it. Derek Jeter Net Worth

On his new clothing line, Greatness Wins, and what gap he wanted to fill in the market:

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I’ve had a lot of relationships with great athletic brands throughout my career. Anytime you have relationships, you always think about, what would I do differently? What would I do better?

Ultimately the consumer tells you what they want to see more of…. It’s got to last. You don’t want to be in a situation where you wash something two, three, four times, and then all of a sudden it doesn’t fit.

On what he learned about himself doing over 30 hours of documentary interviews:

What I learned is how much you actually forget. I go back to what I said earlier, I wish I would’ve kept a journal my entire career because they interviewed north of 80 people. They’re asking 80 people different stories that involve me. Over 23 years professionally, you forget so much. It really gave me a chance to reflect on the past. It was a fun experience for me—it really was.

On something he had forgotten that came to the surface:

Individual games. For example, my first game in Yankee Stadium—we didn’t talk about this in the documentary, actually—I have no idea who I faced, who I played and whether we won or lost. None, at all. There are so many different stories of clubhouse meetings or different games or series. I don’t remember a lot of things about individual World Series games, like who you’re facing. I wish I could go back and write it down or even capture it. Everyone captures it on their phones now. I didn’t have that opportunity.

On manifesting his greatest life goal besides being a shortstop for the New York Yankees:

“The family I have now…. You have to put it out in the universe. You have to believe it, you have to be willing to work harder than everyone else.”

On what he does to relax:

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I’m a homebody. I’ve always been a homebody. I like to spend time with close family and friends. That’s what makes me happy. That’s when I’m most relaxed, at home.

On his favorite NYC spots, then and now:

Carbone. I love Carbone. It’s down here in Miami as well. Back then, man, there was so much. Every day of the week there was someplace new to go. You could tell by the day of the week. I think I mention it in the documentary. Monday was China Club, Tuesday was Spa, Wednesday was Envy, Thursday was Cheetah. The list goes on and on and on. Back in the day, there was Page Six, and it was all rumors. Now it’s a little tougher to move around. Back in the day, you were either there and experienced it and had a good time, or you weren’t and you heard about it. Now everyone shares so much.

On what makes him feel the most productive:

People ultimately have a dream of success and there’s wins along the way, but you’ve got to get there. I think sometimes people look at the big dream and they think they’re never going to get there. One of my favorite quotes is by Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” You feel productive as you hit these milestones along the way. It’s not like you just wake up and you have success. There’s a timeline and there’s different milestones you have to achieve. So I feel most productive when I set those milestones and then I start achieving them along the way. Derek Jeter Net Worth

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Photo: Courtesy of Derek Jeter via WSJ. Magazine

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