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Beyoncé Shows Off Her Real Hair! But Why Should She?

Beyoncé Shows Off Her Real Hair! But Why Should She?



or most people, wash day is either a day set aside for self-care or born out of necessity. Whatever the case, we wash our hair for ourselves. But like everything Beyoncé, the singer’s wash day took the internet by storm, broke it, and became the subject of one too many conversations. While it was an ad for her haircare line Cécred, the megastar also used it as a subtle jab at haters—in true Beyoncé fashion.

Bey has a cult following of fans called the BeyHive, an army ready to defend her every move. Equally, there is a flock of unimpressed anti-Beyoncé critics before whom she can do no right. Over the years, one of the main swipes from her haters has been her natural hair. Believe it or not, Beyoncé’s natural hair has been the main topic of many online arguments. From the curls to the volume, length, and texture, the two camps have gone at it time and again.

Things only escalated after she announced her haircare line, Cécred, in February, with her detractors questioning her legitimacy for owning a natural haircare line since she only wears wigs. And her fans took the time to highlight the folly behind that argument. But it begs the question: do we still need these demeaning conversations about Black women and their hair? What’s the idea that long hair isn’t a black woman’s birthright? And how convenient is it for us to refuse our own because they’re mixed race?

The fact that Beyoncé, a black woman and a 32-time Grammy-winning singer, has to post a video to prove that her hair is indeed hers and natural is a sad reality. She took to Instagram to write, “Now that Cécred is known for the quality in what it does for your hair, I think it’s about time I show y’all what it does for my hair.” We know this was a way to shut down the yapping, but it’s sad and shameful that she had to prove the authenticity of her hair!

Why does Beyoncé’s natural hair reveal matter?

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Beyoncé has been under fire for the longest time, with accusations of frontals, clip-ins, and extensions being the reason behind her healthy-looking mane. She released the video that revealed her real hair focusing on the positive effects of her hair products, but not without a routine showoff and length check. Gliding through her hair and exposing her scalp, the mother-of-three indeed made a statement without uttering a word in her defense.

Honestly, there’s no reason why we have to question every Black woman with healthy hair. It seems to suggest that deep down, we believe that no Black woman can have long healthy hair unless one of mixed race. And in this case, the Black community rejects them.

(The TV show, Mixed-ish opened my eyes to the identity struggle of biracial individuals. The other side scrutinizes them, and our dear Black folks reject them too).

“If it ain’t the good ol’ nappy 4c hair, you ain’t worthy of the black card.” “Why does she always have blonde hair?” Such a tired narrative, yet it’s still happening in our time. The way Black women feel the urge to prove they can grow hair is stressful. But more insufferable it is that this proof should be rendered to our fellow Black people. Let’s normalize not touching strangers’ hair to be sure it’s real, or even asking, “Is this your real hair?” Compliment if you wish, and keep it moving.

The wig-wearing conversation

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People who wear wigs do so because they want to. Period. It doesn’t mean something needs to be wrong with their hair health. Yes, lots of people suffering from alopecia and other conditions lean on wigs for support and enhancements. That’s uplifting. But that seems to be the only socially acceptable reason for sporting wigs in the Afro-American streets. And whose responsibility is it to draw up the standard? If you wish to be Letisha from the hood today in a red pixie cut and corporate Hannah tomorrow in a blunt-cut wig and suave suit, why not? The standards are unnecessarily high, and the “You-can’t-sit-with-us” attitude towards biracial women who identify as Black is giving “wounded-people-wound-others” energy.

Beyoncé’s natural hair is another excuse for us to fan the embers of this wild conversation. If we can slap on a solid face beat and feel confident, what’s there to prove about a versatile wig? To encapsulate the point, biracial women who choose to identify as Black should be allowed to do so without criticism and hate. How different are we from the oppressors we earnestly resent if we kick our own to the curb because they’ve been stained with an alien race?

Do you see how ridiculous it sounds? Yet we charge ahead like we are being paid to work shifts on this subject. Celebrities have their hair styled all the time. There’s always a show, event, interview, or performance that requires fresh styling, so it’s only rational to throw on wigs to occasionally bring the heat. Interesting, this isn’t only about Bey wearing wigs. It’s the fact that most people can’t tell the difference between Beyoncé’s natural hair and extensions. She wears wigs and also wears her natural many times than we know. Come to think of it, did Kylie Jenner need to prove she had naturally full lips before being allowed to launch her lip kit? Hence, another reason why we need to loosen our reins, touch some grass, and let women like Beyoncé, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Tia Mowry breathe.

Her hair-story

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Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom, ran a successful hair salon for about two decades. Also, Bey’s dad has come to her defense several times, saying she knows how to whip out healthy hair from experience and time. And if her two decades of mentorship under her mom doesn’t mean anything, her Cécred hairline should. It’s true that this recently released video showing her natural hair will not shut every anti-Beyoncé person up, but at least it gives credibility to the successful businesswoman that she is.

Plus, let’s not forget that this isn’t the first jab at the megastar. Remember, it was her craft, with naysayers saying she “isn’t that talented.” Then it was her skin tone, peppered with bleaching accusations. And now, it’s that her long hair isn’t natural, so why should she be selling haircare products that promise that? Absolutely ridiculous!

No jokes, if half the world’s population has to fight over Beyoncé’s real hair being a wig, I guess she’s doing something right in that department. I’ll even go further to argue that her hair is a good reason to give Cécred products a chance as she clearly knows what she’s doing.

Let’s sit this one out ladies, and let people do with their hair what they please. While at it, let’s also stop attacking anyone whom we believe isn’t eligible to have the Black card.

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