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Afrobeats Divided: All You Need To Know About The Latest Wizkid And Davido Feud

Afrobeats Divided: All You Need To Know About The Latest Wizkid And Davido Feud



he decade-long feud between Nigerian music giants Wizkid and Davido has erupted once again, this time spilling over onto social media in a fiery exchange. This latest chapter in their ongoing saga highlights the complex and longstanding rivalry that has captivated and divided Afrobeats fans for over a decade.

The Latest Spat: Social Media Goes Nuclear

The latest drama, or “Afrobeef,” as some are calling it, popped off when Wizkid dropped a series of unprovoked disses on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday, April 29. Fans were quick to decipher the subliminal message, and Davido responded in kind. Insults flew back and forth, with both musicians aiming for each other’s careers and personal lives. 

First tweet:

Second tweet:

Davido seemingly became aware of Wizkid’s tweets and responded accordingly.

Wizkid then hit below the belt, posting a video of Davido on his knees, allegedly pleading with a woman.

Davido then responded to Wizkid, taking shots at his career.

Wizkid seemed to gracefully step back from the public exchange with a brief statement.

Davido persisted:

As the two Afrobeat giants fought other artistes including Mavin Records’  Ladipoe and 30BG’s Peruzzi, entertainment personalities and social media users chimed in. Along the way, Wizkid threw shade at industry veteran Don Jazzy, calling him an “influencer.” That was when the feud took an unexpected twist, as many criticized Wizkid for daring to hurl insults at the Mavin Records boss.

The Role of Don Jazzy and Fanbases

Don Jazzy’s involvement, albeit unintentional, adds another layer to the feud. Wizkid’s comment is likely a reference to the long-standing perception that Davido’s success is heavily reliant on industry connections, particularly his association with Jazzy’s Mavin Records. This narrative is often contrasted with Wizkid’s more independent path.

The animosity extends beyond the artists themselves, with their dedicated fanbases, “Wizkid FC” and “30BG” (Davido’s crew nickname), fiercely defending their idols online. Such online warfare can get toxic, often overshadowing the music itself.

A History of Rivalry: From Competition to Collaboration 

While the exact origin of the feud remains unclear, some trace it back to the beginning of their careers in the early 2010s. Both broke into the mainstream around the same time (Wizkid in 2010 and Davido in 2011), quickly establishing themselves as frontrunners. This natural competition, fueled by similar sounds and target audiences, likely planted the seeds of rivalry.

However, upon an in-depth look, the origin can be traced back to around 2012, when both artists were nominated for the Next Rated Award at The Headies, a prestigious Nigerian music award show. Wizkid won the award in 2011, while Davido took it in 2012, but the competition between them had only just begun. Initial altercations seemed friendly, but the competition intensified as both aimed to dominate the Afrobeat scene.

Over the years, both artists have used their music, interviews, and social media to throw jabs at one another. Tracks like Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba” and Davido’s “Gobe” have been dissected by fans for subliminal messages. However, it was not just the lyrics that fueled the feud; social media became a battleground, with both artists occasionally liking or commenting on posts that were seen as digs against the other.

There have been attempts at reconciliation. In 2012, a supposed “reconciliation” led them to perform together at the EME’s Baddest concert, seemingly putting their differences aside. Fast forward to 2016, another heartwarming moment unfolded at Wizkid’s concert. The crowd erupted as Davido joined him on stage for a performance, fueling speculation that the feud was finally over.

Perhaps the most promising sign of unity came in 2018. After Davido headlined a show, Wizkid surprised the audience with a guest appearance. The energy between them was electric, and to the delight of fans, they even hinted at a joint tour. While whispers of the tour persisted for a while, it never materialized. These failed attempts leave fans wondering if this latest social media brawl marks another dead end on the road to reconciliation, or if there’s still a chance for a genuine, long-lasting peace treaty between Wizkid and Davido.

The Impact of the Feud

The Wizkid-Davido rivalry has a significant impact on the Afrobeats scene. It can be argued that healthy competition pushes them to create better music, but the constant bickering can also be seen as childish and could hinder collaboration within the genre. The ongoing back-and-forth between both fanbases certainly doesn’t contribute positively to the mental well-being of the populace. Furthermore, intense fan loyalty can create a hostile environment for new artists trying to break through.

More Than Just a Feud: A Reflection of Industry Issues

The ongoing feud between Wizkid and Davido transcends a mere personal disagreement; it serves as a poignant reflection of underlying issues within the Afrobeats industry. Beyond individual egos, the clash symbolizes a broader cultural tendency towards competition rather than collaboration.

While healthy competition can foster innovation and drive excellence, an excessive focus on rivalry risks stifling collective progress and inhibiting industry growth. Embracing a spirit of cooperation and synergy among artists could pave the way for transformative collaborations and propel Afrobeats onto the global stage with even greater momentum.

Looking Ahead: Is Reconciliation Possible?

Whether Wizkid and Davido will ever truly bury the hatchet remains to be seen. With their latest online feud, the prospect of the two fully reconciling their differences remains uncertain, casting a shadow of doubt over the future of their relationship. Their ongoing social media spat underscores the entrenched roots of their conflict, hinting at a rift that may not easily be bridged. Nevertheless, history has shown that reconciliation is not beyond reach in the music industry.

Past feuds between prominent artists have been resolved through dialogue, compromise, and sometimes the intervention of trusted mediators. With the right approach and a genuine desire for resolution, there remains hope that Wizkid and Davido could set aside their differences and pave the way for a future collaboration that transcends their past grievances. Such a partnership, facilitated by a skilled mediator, could mark a pivotal moment in their relationship and reshape the landscape of the Afrobeats industry.

The Future of Afrobeats

Afrobeats is reaching a global audience, and its continued success hinges on unity. While competition can be a motivator, perhaps it’s time for Wizkid and Davido to end their feud and channel their energies into elevating the genre as a whole, inspiring, mentoring, and collaborating with the next generation of Afrobeats stars.

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