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Men’s Underwear: Boxers, Briefs of “Mangerie” | Why You Should Give Your Manhood a Red Carpet Experience at All Times

Men’s Underwear: Boxers, Briefs of “Mangerie” | Why You Should Give Your Manhood a Red Carpet Experience at All Times

cristiano ronaldo in underwear

flavour in underwear
Singer Flavour shows off his physique in a pair of boxer briefs

A typical girl has a bag of lingerie for occasions when her underwear will end up as her main outfit, even for a few minutes. As such, the term “sexy underwear” is usually relegated to women’s lingerie as most guys don’t put much thought into their underwear but that’s changing as more men are becoming more fashion conscious. For these men, the comfort and texture of their underwear is key to how much they are willing to spend. Fashion forward men like Nigerian superstars Iyanya and Flavour and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo know that showing off their underwear style adds to their overall appeal which is why you’ll see them flaunting their bare skin at every given opportunity.

If you are one of the millions of men who do not take their underwear game seriously, then you should know that a majority of ladies decide whether or not they want to get intimate with you based on how clean your underwear looks. That one got you thinking, huh?

So now that you’re onboard and looking to upgrade your underwear portfolio, there are few things to keep in mind when deciding between boxers, briefs or shorts.



Boxer shorts are great for a more relaxed fit if you need the freedom of leg movement from your underwear. If you want to avoid “bunching” buy a pair of boxers without a center back hem. These “three panel backs” use extra seams to prevent bunching.

iyanya in underwear
Singer Iyanya flaunts his muscles in a pair of boxer briefs

If you’re not brave enough to wear briefs, then boxer briefs are your ticket. Similar to boxer shorts but tighter fitting like briefs, these tight fitting boxer briefs are longer across the legs and usually have contours to provide you with support and structure so you don’t appear flat in your front.

cristiano ronaldo in underwear
Cristiano Ronaldo models a pair of briefs | credit: Galleria News

If you’re muscled out and confident about your figure, then you should don a pair of sexy briefs. The moment you slip on one you will understand the feeling of ‘knowing the unknown’ as the instant vibe of a macho man comes on you.

If you’re adventurous enough, you can also try a man thong or “mangerie” (reads like lingerie only it starts with an M) as it’s called by fashion insiders.


Not only does a nice and clean underwear give your “manhood” a red-carpet experience, if you get far enough to impress a lady with your mangerie, you’ll be surprised at how much more free she’ll feel around you. Afterall, if a lady can’t trust you to take care of your private anatomy, how can she trust her heart around you.

Shorts, boxers, briefs, or mangerie – what’s the preferred option by our men Style Ravens? Be sure to share your best kept secret in the comment section below.

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