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Gidi Rave: Puff-Puff, Akara and Other Street Snacks Redefined by Food Brand Eko Street Eats| SR Living

Gidi Rave: Puff-Puff, Akara and Other Street Snacks Redefined by Food Brand Eko Street Eats| SR Living

I first fell in love with lifestyle brand, Eko Street Eats on Instagram. According to the brand, Eko Street Eats hopes to redefine the Lagos street food scene. What won me over was realizing that they already had the attention of many street food lovers within a short time of start-up. They are that good!

Eko Street Eats has redefined many classic Nigerian snacks like akara and puff-puff and other popular street foods into posh new recipes like Akara Burger – akara sandwiched within two slices of bread, Ojojo – water yam fritters, Pyam – golden brown, delicious, crunchy, and stuffed yam and many other adapted recipes.

Akara Burger by

Having tasted a few of their meals, not only are their recipes superbly tantalizing, the brand’s commitment to serving redefined meals is reflected on the quality of their services. Their meals are healthy, hygienic and appetizing, and are sold at affordable rates too. 500 Naira will get you a pretty decent meal.

For the average Nigerian, especially university students, street food has been part of the daily culture for age. However, due to lifestyle changes, some like myself, have lost out on this culture but thanks to Eko Street Eats you can maintain your new status while enjoying good old delicacies.

Check out some Eko Street Eats meals…

Plantain Pockets
Puff-Puff Funnel Cakes sprinkled with CInnamon Sugar
Fried Stuffed-Pounded Yam Bites
Lime & Mint ● Watermelon & Basil ● Mango & Pepper ● Zobo & Ginger Drinks
Ojojo: Water-Yam Fritters
PBJ: Grilled Plaintain, Peanut Butter and Zobo-Jam-Sandwich
Akara Sandwish With Customized Toppings
Akara Sandwich With Customized Toppings

If you love street food andare in Gidi Eko Street Eats is the way to go.

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