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Let’s Break Down The Viral Latte Makeup Trend

Let’s Break Down The Viral Latte Makeup Trend



icture this: you wake up savoring the aroma of a freshly brewed latte. But what if you could transform that warm, caramel-hued goodness into an enchanting makeup look that leaves everyone in awe? It’s so possible because of the viral sensation of Latte Makeup — another trend currently taking the beauty world by storm, inspired by the creamy hues of our favorite coffee concoctions.

And again, you guessed right. It’s TikTok’s fault. BeautyTok has recently given us Latte Makeup, and we’re so thankful. This trend has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts everywhere, and we know why — the summer glow it leaves on our faces is second to none. If you want to drink a cup of latte while wearing one, we’ve curated the best tips from the trendsetters to help you achieve that lit-from-within bronze glow that will have you looking like a resort-ready goddess.

The Core of Latte Makeup: Warm and Monochromatic Tones

At the heart of this mesmerizing trend lies a blend of monochromatic and complementary brown tones. Latte makeup seeks to accentuate your natural beauty with a copper-colored glow that exudes an effortless allure. It’s like smoked bronze; a perfect blend of bronze and brown, that bridges the gap between full glam and minimal neutrals. It’s a softly elegant spin on a summer glow that works magic in any season.

How to effortlessly achieve the latte makeup trend…

  • Foundation: To achieve the latte-inspired radiance, start with a lustrous canvas. Buff a small amount of luminous foundation or tinted moisturizer into your skin (after you’ve cleansed your face and applied a moisturizing primer), ensuring an even finish across your face and eyelids. This glowing base sets the stage for the subsequent bronze magic, whether you prefer a matte or shimmering bronze look.
  • Contour: Next, it’s time to sculpt your features and create that sun-kissed magic. Opt for a cream contour or bronzing stick depending on your desired finish. Apply the contour in all the usual places, like the hollows of your cheeks, forehead, and bridge of your nose. But here’s the secret: take the same contour or bronzing stick and apply it directly to your cheeks, where you’d normally apply blush, and onto your eyelids, extending it out to your temples. This creates the perfect base for your eyeshadow and ties the entire look together.
  • Eyeshadow: Bring your eyes to life with warm brown eyeshadows that create a captivating gradient. Start with an almost oat-ish shade in your crease then layer darker tones to build an internal bronzed shadow. Blend precisely, working from the outside of your eyes inwards.
  • Lips: For a complete latte-inspired look, focus on your lips and highlighter. Use a nude lip liner and a clear lip gloss to achieve a natural, neutral finish. Consider subtly accentuating the outer corners of your lips for an ombre effect that enhances your pout. Then, add a touch of highlighter to the high points of your face, and apply powder to only those points to complete the radiant coffee-inspired glow.

Why embrace the Latte Magic?

BeautyTok has us tripping with the art of Latte Makeup. This trend gives off the vibe of a hot summer girl on a summer vacation or at a beach party. No doubt, this look exudes sheer elegance and charm with every step you take. Let your inner barista shine and create a makeup masterpiece that’s sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Featured image: Coco Jones via @dianashin/Instagram 

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