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Rave News Digest: J Cole Apologizes To Kendrick Lamar, Rema Walks Off Dreamville Fest Stage, Everton + More

Rave News Digest: J Cole Apologizes To Kendrick Lamar, Rema Walks Off Dreamville Fest Stage, Everton + More



Cole apologizes publicly to Kendrick Lamar, Rema walks off 2024 Dreamville Festival stage, Everton gets two-point deduction. Stay in the know with our Rave News Digest, which summarizes five of the hottest global news stories you need to catch up on, saving you time and energy. Consider it your daily news fix.

1. J Cole apologizes publicly to Kendrick Lamar

J Cole has taken a U-turn in his spat with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, apologizing to his former collaborator mere days after calling him out. During a performance at Dreamville festival in North Carolina on Sunday, 7 April, J Cole told the audience of his regrets about responding to Kendrick Lamar on the track. “I just want to come up here and publicly be like, bruh, that was the lamest, goofiest s***. I say all that to say it made me feel like 10 years ago when I was moving incorrectly. And I pray that God will line me back up on my purpose and on my path, I pray that my n**** really didn’t feel no way and if he did, my n****, I got my chin out.”

“Take your best shot, I’ma take that shit on the chin boy, do what you do. All good. It’s love. And I pray that y’all are like, forgive a n**** for the misstep and I can get back to my true path. Because I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. The past two days felt terrible. It let me know how good I’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years.”

2. Rema walks off the stage at J Cole’s Dreamville Festival 2024

Rema participated in J Cole’s 2024 Dreamville Festival, which took place at Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix Park, North Carolina, on April 6 and 7. On the second day of the festival, Rema took the stage to perform and started with his hit single “Calm Down” when the sound system began to experience delayed feedback, interrupting his performance. The singer expressed his displeasure with the sound and technical difficulty he experienced on stage to the fans as he stopped his performance midway to let them know just how he felt.

The singer, however, continued the performance in his bid to please and entertain the fans who had come to the event to watch him perform. Rema stopped the performance for the second time, did not continue this time around, and opted to walk off the stage after letting the fans know his displeasure. He said, “Too many sound issues, my people, I love you all my people.”

3. South Africa: Rorisang Thandekiso makes history as first female host of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ franchise

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Rorisang Thandekiso is set to rewrite TV history as the first female to anchor an edition of the big-name game show franchise “Wheel of Fortune,” produced in more than 40 countries. The media personality joins US TV royalty Pat Sajak and Vanna White who hosted the original US show and Ryan Seacrest, who is to host the upcoming season.

“I am honored to follow in these giant footsteps and be the first Wheel of Fortune South Africa host and the lucky person introducing the show to Africa,” she said. Rorisang was beaming with pride when she announced the news to her followers. “First time in Africa! First female anchor host! God has been so kind to me!,” she posted on social media.

4. Jonathan Majors sentenced to 1 year of counseling for domestic assault

Actor Jonathan Majors has been sentenced to one year of domestic violence counseling in Los Angeles following his conviction for assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The sentencing, delivered by Judge Michael Gaffey in a Manhattan courtroom, comes almost four months after Majors was found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault against Jabbari.

Majors must also abide by a permanent order of protection prohibiting any contact with Jabbari, with any violations potentially resulting in jail time. Despite Majors’ lack of prior criminal history, the judge opted not to impose a jail sentence, citing his absence of prior arrests.

5. Everton deducted two points for second breach of Premier League financial rules’

Everton have been deducted two points for a second breach of Premier League financial rules. Profit and sustainability rules (PSR) permit clubs to lose £105 million over three years, and an independent commission found Everton breached that by £16.6 million for the three-year period to 2022–23. They dropped one place to 16th and are now two points above the relegation zone. The Toffees had a 10-point deduction reduced to six on appeal in February for the three-year period 2021–22. Everton says the club will appeal against the decision.

The Merseyside club could yet face a further points deduction in relation to interest costs associated with the building of the club’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, though that issue is unlikely to be resolved before the end of the season.

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