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How To Achieve The Perfect Messy Bun For All Hair Types

How To Achieve The Perfect Messy Bun For All Hair Types


The messy bun is one look that most people think is easy to achieve but when it comes to hairstyles or beauty looks that appear effortless, they almost always require a bit of effort and practice to get right.

Inasmuch as the messy bun lives up to its name, you sure want to get it right so you don’t end up looking like you woke up without giving any thought to your hair. Though simple and modern, the messy bun hairstyle embodies a timeless refinement and is ideal for almost any occasion. The look is a celebrity-favorite and has become one of the top hairstyle trends in recent years.

Remy Ma | Photo: Instagram @hairbyantoinettenyc

Easy to style and customize, the messy bun works equally well for an everyday look, special occasions and even for an office look. Its undeniable charm lies in the fact that its sheer imperfection makes it look like you woke up like this, yet you woke up fabulous. Its imperfect nature also means you don’t have to spend time trying to straighten your hair, sleek your edges or tame flyaways. A win-win situation all around. But if you want to do the baby hair and messy bun look, be sure to also make your baby hair look effortlessly done to match the bun.

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The best part about the messy bun is that, thanks to hair extensions and accessories, it can be done on short, medium, and long hair and suits all face types. Keep in mind that the longer your face, the shorter your bun should be and vice versa.

Under its deceptively neglected look, the messy bun will give you a timeless yet contemporary feminine and chic look that is sure to have everyone looking your way.

Watch how to achieve the perfect messy bun in no time…

Here are 15 messy bun looks to inspire you…

Coarse-Textured Hair

Photo: Instagram | @istina.manners
Photo: Instagram | @msaliciajames
Photo: Instagram | @afroasiancurly
Photo: Instagram | @jewejewebee


Medium-Textured Hair

Photo: Instagram | @cydneychristine
Photo: Instagram | @kimberlycaines
Photo: Instagram | @shrishtyy.__


Fine-Textured Hair

Embed from Getty Images

Katie Holmes

Photo: Instagram | @justinemarjan
Embed from Getty Images

Hailey Baldwin

Embed from Getty Images

Alessandra Ambrósio

Embed from Getty Images

Sienna Miller


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