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13 Downright Perfect Hairstyles For Round Faces

13 Downright Perfect Hairstyles For Round Faces


The round face is a common face shape, however, not many know how to correctly choose hairstyles that flatter it. In between trying to play up your lovely facial features and avoiding styles that add more roundness to your face, many round-faced ladies have no idea where to begin.

Luckily, the popularity of your facial form means that there’s a slew of hairstyle inspirations to choose from as many women have gone ahead of you to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A rule of thumb however is to stick to face-framing styles that create an illusion of depth around your sides like bobs and center parts and avoid styles with several layers like whispy feathers. Ultimately, you want to put your best face forward without adding more width to your cheeks, as this can make your face appear chubby. Haircut for round face. 

For a round-faced girl like yourself, your unique facial form makes you look cute and not surprisingly, young. A hairstyle that is flattering for you will work with your facial curves instead of against them, highlighting your best features and showing off your beautiful smile, bright eyes, dimples, and other attractive characteristics. Haircut for round face. 

How to know if your face is round


Your face is round if your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline fall in the same line and are almost the same width. Additionally, the width and length of your face are roughly the same size, and your face has soft features and no sharp angles.

Styling tips:

When looking for styles for a round face, your focus should be on styles that add length to your face. Opt for layered haircuts and if you are a lover of curls, then settle for loose curls instead of tight ones. As always, we advise that you speak with your stylist before deciding on a final look.

Check out 13 stunning hairstyles that are perfect for round-faced ladies…

#1. Pixie cut

The pixie cut is a refreshing style to throw on that will automatically make you look like a badass baller. If you are looking for endless inspiration for this style, Toni Braxton is your go-to as she has rocked the pixie cut in countless variations over the years. Alternatively, Osas Ighodaro makes a solid case for the hairstyle below. 

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A post shared by Osas Ighodaro (@officialosas)

#2. Short Bob

The chin-grazing beauty that is the short bob is an interesting way to flatter your round face. Not only does it highlight strong features like your eyes and cheek bones, but it also infuses an aura of timeless elegance into your look. However, when rocking this style, stay completely away from full-face bangs. Emphasis on completely.

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A post shared by Flawless By Gabrielle Union (@flawlessbygu)


#3. Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls, especially long, do your round face justice as it plays up on your facial features like your cheek bones. However, when wearing this hairstyle, you will do well to keep the curls away from your forehead and cheeks as Rita Dominic has done below. This is because you don’t want extra weight on your face.

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A post shared by Rita Dominic (@ritadominic)


#4. The hawk

Edge, vibe, style, badass…these words and more will accompany your name if you choose to rock this style. The mohawk is the perfect hairstyle for you if you are a round-faced girl in search of unexpected, yet stylish options.

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A post shared by Yemi Alade (@yemialade)


#5. Sleek updo

There are a handful of variations to the sleek updo, but the perfect one for a round face is one with an extra length to its top knot bun. Take inspiration from your round-faced sister, Jennifer Hudson, and give extra attention to your top bun.

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A post shared by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud)


#6. Sleek back

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A post shared by Stephanie Coker Aderinokun (@stephaniecoker)

You should have noticed by now that any style that gives your face room to breathe is perfect for a round face, case in point, the sleek back. A side-parted sleek back hairstyle like Stephanie Coker‘s instantly elongates your face as it adds more skin (via the scalp) to your face and creates a stretched illusion. Another way to provide more depth to your visage, is to do like Selena Gomez and opt for a center part.

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A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

#7. Water waves

Few styles can caress a round face quite like the water wave. Gently gliding down your temple and cheeks, the water wave is every inch lovely as it is fashionable. When rocking this hairstyle, don’t chase fullness. Rather, stick to natural-looking proportions.

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A post shared by Boity Thulo (@boity)


#8. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is always a winning hairstyle for a round face and it does so with a boss babe vibe. Not every lady is bold enough to go crew, but if you are, by all means, rock this hairstyle to its fullest.

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A post shared by Nancy.E.Isime (@nancyisimeofficial)


#9. Center-part

The center part is always a welcome style for a round face and its versatility is a bonus. Whether you’re incorporating this part in bob, wavy, sleek back, or braids, it is always a win. Remember, with the style, the longer the part, the better.

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A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)


#10. The ponytail

Oh, the dearest ponytail! This hairstyle has been around for decades and is still as relevant today as it was in the 1980s. Whichever way you choose to rock it: wavy, straight, half up, or half down, it will do your round face justice. If you’re up for some challenge, then get creative with your ponytail like Temi Otedola.

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A post shared by Temiloluwa Otedola (@temiotedola)

#11. Braids

Braids, the trusted hairstyle for a modern-day sylista, this wonder will fit any face shape, including rounds. What’s more? You can style it in numerous ways for a daily transformation. The only limit is your imagination.

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A post shared by Zerina Akers ? (@zerinaakers)


#12. Teeny weeny afro

Of course, the beloved afro will fit your round face perfectly, especially when the ‘fro is short. A teeny weeny afro creates a timeless allure that works for all face types so you can consider this another good reason to rock your natural hair proudly.

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A post shared by Larry Sims (@larryjarahsims)


#13. Cornrows

Cornrows, saving women’s hair game since the 1500s! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the cornrow is a worthy player when it comes to flattering a round face. Just look how it sits perfectly on Regina Daniels. Enough said!

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A post shared by Regina Daniels (@regina.daniels)

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