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The 5 Timeless Men’s Fashion Trends We Have Our Eyes On This Fall

The 5 Timeless Men’s Fashion Trends We Have Our Eyes On This Fall


Fall 2021 is here and we’re totally ready for the dry air, brown and yellow leaves and most importantly, all the fall fashion trends it has brought along with it. Fall fashion trends for men 2021.

Timeless dressing for men is perhaps a man’s best chance to express a true sense of personal style — one that eternally stands. However, seasonal styles can be such a challenge to master, this is why timeless trends matter as they help you know what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it.

Of course, it’s no news that fashion trends come and go so quickly that it can be difficult to decide which ones to try and which ones to let go of. This is why it’s undoubtedly important to incorporate some timeless staples into your closet. These are the pieces that are trendy regardless of the season, shifts in fashion and other factors. With fall already here, how about we explore some great fashion choices for men that are strikingly timeless and trendy? Fall fashion trends for men 2021.

Check out 5 timeless fall fashion trends for men in 2021… 

#1. Neutral colors

Photo: @mrdblanks

Neutral colors are the official fall colors. That’s not to say white and black are boring, but your wardrobe palette for fall should also include neutrals. Opt for shades of beige, brown, warm grays, and the darkest variations of warm colors in place of black.

2. Leather

Photo: @iamsteveharveytv

Fall fashion wouldn’t feel right without a bit of leather included in your most stylish looks. Leather is extremely versatile, making it wearable for work, fun, events, and a great fabric to step into fall with. Whether you like it or absolutely love it, leather should be on your fashion radar for fall 2021. Fall fashion trends for men 2021.

3. Monochromatic outfits

Photo: @dwyanewade

Sticking to a color palette is a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together. In fact, when the overall outfit is kept within the same color hue, the result can be just as attractive as wearing a bold pattern or vibrant color. This is one of fall fashion’s biggest secrets to slaying the season. Certainly, this is great fall fashion trends for men in 2021.

4. Earth tones

Photo: @igalabrown

2021 is the year of return to minimal aesthetics. After the year being dominated by bold prints and logos, fall is the perfect time to rediscover the more essential, clean, sophisticated side of fashion that has to do with simple and clean silhouettes in the shades of earth tones. Earth tones can be worn in monochromatic manners like as single pieces, outer wears, etc.

5. Two-toned coats and jackets

Photo: @gregntore

Two toned shirts and pants are the rave right now. For fall 2021 fashion season, we will definitely be seeing a lot more of two toned jackets and coats. Their sophisticated craftsmanship and warmth make them great fashion choices that are essential for fall. When purchasing two-toned coats and jackets, go for neutral colors because they’re the most versatile to pull off. Fall fashion trends for men 2021.

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