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Women’s Health: 5 Reasons Why Your Period Is So Heavy

Women’s Health: 5 Reasons Why Your Period Is So Heavy


Oh, the love-hate relationship women have with their periods! This rush of emotions starts as early as age 12 all the way to the age of 50 when menopause takes the baton and glides us into another phase of life. During this timeframe, some women have to deal with volatile menstrual experiences. Few have it easy, while others occasionally deal with painful menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding.

What is the menstrual cycle?

If you’re wondering why your period is heavy, a better understanding of your cycle might be a great start. The normal menstrual cycle can last between 24-38 days, with the average cycle lasting about 28 days. The process is powered by varying glands and hormones, which leads to the thickening of the uterus lining. This process facilitates the release of an egg from one of your ovaries. There are factors that could affect this process, leading to menstrual irregularities. While heavy periods aren’t always a case of emergency, untreated menorrhagia can lead to anemia and other serious health issues.

Signs your period is too heavy

  • You soak up a sanitary pad every hour and have to double the pads to avoid leakage.
  • Heavy bleeding that lasts more than a week.
  • You pass out blood clots the size of a quarter or larger.

Here are a few reasons why your period is heavy…

#1. Hormonal imbalance

Photo: Nadezhda Moryak/Pexels

Hormones play a major role in a woman’s menstrual cycle. For a healthy cycle, there should be a balance between estrogen and progesterone hormones. In cases where there’s an imbalance, the uterus lining builds up, resulting in a heavier menstrual flow.

#2. Non-hormonal intrauterine device (IUD)

Photo: Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition/Unsplash

While hormonal birth controls often disrupt your body’s hormonal balance, a copper IUD sitting in the uterus could cause heavy bleeding during the first 6 months. Although this isn’t unusual, always report these discomforts to your doctor.

#3. Reproductive issues

Photo: Jens Holm/Unsplash

Reproductive issues like fibroid, miscarriages, or ectopic pregnancies could be the cause of your heavy bleeding. This is often mistaken for menstrual flow, but if the bleeding consists of chunks of blood clots and pieces of tissue, it’s time to see a doctor.

#4. Medications

Photo: Pietro Jeng/Pexels

If you’re on certain hormonal medications and anticoagulants, that could be the reason why your period is heavy. Check your birth control to rule out the possibility it’s the cause of your heavy bleeding. Also, treatments like thyroid medications, antidepressants, and chemotherapy could disrupt your usual menstrual flow.

#5. Infections

Photo: Sora Shimazaki/Pexels

Conditions like pelvic inflammatory diseases and sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia could be the reason why your period is heavy and you’re experiencing pelvic pain.

It is bothersome and uncomfortable to continually bleed profusely, but in most cases, treatment is available. When left untreated, heavy bleeding could lead to birth complications or impair fertility. Always check with your doctor when you notice an unusual change in your menstrual cycle.

Featured image: Alina Moskalenko/iStock

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