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Double The Girl Power! Meet The Uber Stylish Duo, VIKTORIA RADER And ANNETTE WEBER Of GLAM-O-METER

Double The Girl Power! Meet The Uber Stylish Duo, VIKTORIA RADER And ANNETTE WEBER Of GLAM-O-METER

Annette Weber and Viktoria Rader are the German duos that run GLAM-O-METER, what they refer to as a ‘blogazine’ because it is a hybrid between a blog and a fashion magazine. With over 50k followers on Instagram, the style pros have been able to capture their niche by sharing humour and elegance through finely curated style.

Individually, each woman is a powerful force and together they are unstoppable. As Editor-in-Chief, Annette Weber is the mastermind behind the success of InStyle Magazine Germany among other influential roles. Viktoria Rader, on the other hand, is a blogger and fashion influencer whose driving force is the ability to appeal and influence. Together they created GLAM-O-METER for a purpose – as a platform that answers the question “what to wear?” on a daily basis.

Viktoria Rader and Annette Weber

The experience of Annette and the tenacity of Viktoria can be seen in the seriousness that is expressed in keeping the fundamental idea of the blog running. The GLAM-O-METER brand is built off on easy, elegant and good-times attitude with a sophisticated appeal. In comparison to the personal style of the duo, it is clear that there is a presence of all of this and more!

What else impresses us about these two? Other than how well they serve #BFFStyleGoals, we love how they have tapped into each other’s strengths to build a strong platform.

Here’s a look at some of their most fashionable moments…

Photo Credit: IG | Glamometer, Nettiweber

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