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A Legend Soars: Beloved Actor, Chadwick Boseman Passes On At 43

A Legend Soars: Beloved Actor, Chadwick Boseman Passes On At 43


2020! What a year. As though this year hadn’t done enough havoc already, news broke late Friday that beloved actor, Chadwick Aaron Boseman had passed away. According to an official statement by his family, he died earlier Friday, August 28,  after a long battle with cancer. He was 43. Chadwick Boseman death. Bossman.

The “Black Panther” star was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago and died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family by his side, per a statement shared by a family representative on his Instagram page. Boseman had not spoken publicly about his diagnosis.

Born on November 29, 1976 in South Carolina, Boseman graduated from Howard University in 2000. He had small television roles before his first major role in 2013. His memorable portrayal of the legendary baseball star Jackie Robinson along with Harrison Ford in 2013′s “42” drew attention to him in Hollywood. It is worth noting that Chadwick Boseman died on a day that Major League Baseball was celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Breakthrough success came when Chadwick Boseman starred as T’Challa––a character first introduced in the 2016 Marvel blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War”––in the record breaking action movie, Black Panther in 2018. Before him, there were no portrayals of Black superheroes in the media and Black kids could only dream of representation in superhero movies. As the Black Panther, Boseman not only helped change the course of history but cemented his place as an integral part of global Black culture. 

Even while battling cancer; in between chemotherapy and surgeries, Chadwick Boseman made sure to carry on shooting projects such as “Black Panther,” “12 Bridges,” “Da5 Bloods” and more. That dedication to his craft and passion is one the would definitely be missed and one we should all be inspired by.

Rest in Power to a man whose talent was unmatched. Rest In Peace Chadwick Aaron Boseman. Chadwick Boseman death. Bossman.

Listen to his motivational and memorable 2018 Howard University commencement speech…

Photo credit: Instagram | Chadwickboseman / Photography: Sam Jones Pictures Chadwick Boseman death. Bossman.

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