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5 Things Viola Davis Shared For Her InStyle Magazine Cover

5 Things Viola Davis Shared For Her InStyle Magazine Cover


Viola Davis is not just a multi-award winning actress, she is also a businesswoman and an activist who has dedicated much of her time to civil and women’s rights. Covering Instyle Magazine’s December issue, Viola is suited up as she sat with Lauren Brown to talk about her new projects, career and even some of her favorite cocktails. Viola Davis interview 2020.

Viola, now 55, has accomplished things that many of Hollywood’s big wigs haven’t come close to doing. Breaking records first as an actress and also a woman of color. She is the winner of the famed triple crown of acting, an Oscar, Emmy and a Tony award. It was most interesting seeing Viola share with Instyle magazine about her new movie featuring the late Chadwick Boseman, Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom.

Here are 5 things Viola Davis shared in her Instyle Magazine cover story…

#1. The Queen of Blues, Ma Rainy was very hard for her to execute


For the person, Ma Rainey, Viola Davis had to embody an unapologetic black woman in love wholly with herself. Ma Rainey was like many of her aunt’s and relatives before her. She had to forego many of the little mannerisms that forced her into a self-imposed shell. Viola Davis InStyle

“At first I was like, “Should I pull my dress up and be more modest?” But I had to channel Ma, and she wouldn’t do that. Neither did my relatives.”

#2. She has always been an activist


And so nothing was new this year. While the world battled widespread racism, Viola says “What’s happening is what has always been happening. We just decided to wake up.” And so she continues to fight, against the powers that be and for better chances for black people in every American industry.

#3. Ownership in Womanhood


For many black women, historically speaking, there has been that ownership of their womanhood. Regardless of beauty standards. By herself, what helped was owning everything even failures and understanding that it’s all a part of life.

#4. Homogeneity in Hollywood


She tells InStyle that it seems everyone is trying to channel their inner Viola Davis, or Reese Witherspoon or Kerry Washington. In an industry that sites success for only one in every 2500 actors, it is understandable that many up and coming actors are trying to become yet another famous face. This takes away the originality from their work and art.

#5. She loves a good cocktail

Viola’s character in How to get Away with Murder isn’t so different from who she really is, she shared. It was very easy for her to step into that role. Well, she’s not an alcoholic though, she just loves a good cocktail. “I haven’t had a cocktail yet today,” she said as she sat from across the screen to talk to Lauren. She even shared one of her favorite cocktail recipes with us and for that we’re grateful!

Watch Viola as Ma Rainey in Ma Rainey Black Bottom on Netflix, December 18. 

Read the rest of the interview here. Viola Davis interview 2020.

Photos: InStyle Magazine | Ahmad Barber and Donte Maurice

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