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10 Black-Owned Flower Shops In New York City To Support For Valentine’s Day

10 Black-Owned Flower Shops In New York City To Support For Valentine’s Day


When Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities in the world,” he was right. Sometimes we find depth in nature, the simple beautiful things of life, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, flowers are the first point of call to having a memorable day. What is Val’s day without a bunch of sweet-smelling flowers, an ivy to a classy restaurant, and perhaps, a wedding proposal?

As a brand, we always hit the green light on supporting Black-owned brands that know their onions. That’s the reason we have lined up for you a few Black-owned flower shops in New York to make Valentine’s Day worth it. Imagine excitedly sniffing into a horrible flower bunch with an unbecoming scent. Your date might end up alone, and you pissed off the entire day. We dread this scenario and would rather that peace, happiness, and love overflow remain the theme of the day.

Check out these Black-owned Florists in New York for Val’s day…

#1. Reflorishnyc

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Two West African women, Ruggie and Effie, with varying career backgrounds, found a place of interest—flowers. Their passion started a floral design business in Brooklyn. Their work has been featured in CBS News, Domino Magazine, among others.

#2. Barbara’s Flower Shop

Beyond the floral expertise, the staff here are well-trained and amiable. Each assists the customers to make a satisfactory choice. This Valentine, clueless about what flower to get for your date and in need of the services of Black-owned florists in New York? Barbara’s Flower Shop will be a great find in the bustling streets of New York.

#3. Brooklyn Blooms

As the name implies, Brooklyn stays blooming with this NY Florist brand. The catch? Affordable rates and creative tailor-made petals on request. Their uniqueness stems from the eclectic blend of fashion and nature, which easily shows in their floral choices.

#4. Floral Heights

Owned by Charlotte D’Costa Taylor, a woman with 25 years of floral design wrapped around her waist, it’s not surprising the thoughts placed into creating each intricate masterpiece. From big events to everyday floral creation, the wide array of floral arrangements and picks from different eras makes this place an awesome find. Floral Heights is one of the Black-owned Florists in New York to check out this season, especially if you’re searching for diversely sourced flowers.

#5. Franz James Florist

A third-generation floral designer and one who knows how to stroke the strings of music, James, the founder of Franz James Floral Boutique, knows how to make art of bouquets. They cater to both small-scale and environmental floral arrangements. The designs exude an artistic sophistication one can only attain from expertise, and it is with this conviction that we approve this brand on the list of Black-owned florists in New York to visit this love season.

#6. Floral Symbiosis

This florist company models flowers from a living being’s point of view. They speak to the sustainability of the earth, and this singular approach makes every bouquet come alive. This reflects in the choices of flowers and the pampering process. Here, you can purchase the freshest blooms without raising suspicious brows.

#7. Olive It Boutique

One of the talented Black-owned florists to know is Melissa Briscoe of Olive It Floral Boutique. The brand delivers services throughout Long Island and Queens. Asides from flowers, Olive It offers boxes of macarons, chocolate, bath bombs, and other complementary Valentine’s specials to make your day memorable.

#8. Events by Nikki Diaz

They say love is a beautiful thing that finds creative ways to express itself, and Valentine’s Day is yet another day to prove this. The best part? This home-based floral boutique specializes in intimate moments. How cool is that? That’s what they do—keep lovers loved up. Black-owned florists in New York

#9. Emy Flowers

This brand specializes in custom flowers and serves across Westchester and Putnam, with the option of same-day delivery available. You get a bouquet with you in mind and in no distant time. That’s a deal worth sealing.

#10. Rooted In Culture

Ever picked up a flower and wondered why the florist never acknowledged the lines during the tucking process? Yes. This brand lets the flowers breathe while carrying the client through a nostalgic creative process. If you are missing the way things are done downtown—walk into their shop for an experience.

C’mon! Valentine’s is around the corner, and these Black-owned florists in New York have the bloom to get the romance spirits high. Enjoy!

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