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This Generation Of Pregnant Women Are Making Fashion A Priority

This Generation Of Pregnant Women Are Making Fashion A Priority

Maternity fashion has come a long way over the years. It used to be that a search for “pregnant women clothes” would turn up with the most conservative of outfits in the history of womenswear, but these generation of women are making sure that they are not defined by traditional expectations.

Being pregnant used to mean a near-complete change in your fashion choices and ultimately, your wardrobe. While pregnancy style is not a one size fits all situation, it is also not a time to flip the script and stick to the boring side of fashion. Back in the days, dressing up for maternity meant dressing up in outfits that were designed to hide a pregnant belly; over time, pregnant women began to experiment with new styles, and with the dawn of the social media age came a brand new wave of pregnancy fashion.

For this generation of women, maternity fashion is heavily influenced by the styles of pregnant celebrities and the need to be stylish no matter how far gone they are.

Many pregnant women today are refusing to choose between being pregnant and being sexy as they have decided to combine both to look fabulously stylish in every outfit they step out in. As such, “pregnant fashion” is now much more reflective of personal style than ever before.

In 2019, celebrities and fashion influencers who are pregnant mothers-to-be have made us realise that any outfit can be transformed into an outfit suitable for maternity. This has led to more and more pregnant women being confident in showing off their big and beautiful stomachs. We’re seeing pregnant women strutting and posing in previously frowned upon pieces like crop tops, dresses with cut-outs and of course, high heels! And even for the ones who maintain a conservative approach, their desire to invoke some sauce into their maternity style proves they are still on top of their style game.

Pregnant and looking for how to be the ultimate Style Raven all through the nine months of pregnancy?

Here is how this generation of pregnant women are making fashion a priority…

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