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Travel Caribbean: 5 Tourist Attractions To Spice Up Your Visit To Grenada

Travel Caribbean: 5 Tourist Attractions To Spice Up Your Visit To Grenada


The Caribbean country Grenada comprises a main island (known as the Island of Grenada) and smaller surrounding islands. It is one of those places on the planet that visitors can liken to paradise. Some of its islands are still unspoiled and serene and offer soothing remedies to minds harried by the pollution and complications of urban life. It is adorned with gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, picturesque landscapes and hills, splendid architecture, fields colored with spices, and state-of-the-art resorts.

Grenada has been nicknamed the “Spice Island” or “Spice Isle,” thanks to its hilly main island that is home to many nutmeg plantations. (Grenada produces one-third of the world’s nutmeg). And that says a lot about this Caribbean country’s tasty cuisine. But this beautiful Caribbean country has a lot more to offer than tantalizing gourmet. Here, we spotlight five things to do in Grenada to make your trip truly special.

Check out 5 tourist attractions in Grenada to spice up your visit…

#1. House of Chocolate

Photo: @ahelathyhop/Instagram

If chocolate is your cup of tea, and I imagine that it is, Grenada has you covered. The House of Chocolate is located in Grenada’s capital, St George’s, and makes local organic chocolates you will savor and remember long after the taste. Imagine a museum for chocolate: chocolates of different shapes, sizes, shades of brown, moistness, chewiness, and so forth. That’s what House of Chocolate is. And you’ll perhaps be told here that chocolate was brought to Grenada in 1714 when cocoa beans were introduced to the then-French colony, long before it became a British colony. Why not start off your tour of this beautiful Caribbean country by indulging yourself a little in this museum of sweet taste?

#2. Magazine Beach

Photo: @csanders1973/Instagram

Still in St George’s, Magazine Beach ranks as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots in all of Grenada. Also referred to as Rex Beach and Aquarium Beach, it’s a popular favorite for visitors to this gorgeous Caribbean island. Who wouldn’t rank high a place with lots of elegant trees, majestic hills carpeted with lush vegetation, a cool and serene stretch of white sand perfect for your vacation, and blue waters to host a range of water-based activities such as snorkeling and kayaking?

Do you wish for a bit more sun? Come lie on this idyllic beach donned in oversized sunglasses. Bask in the sun while drinking your wine or cocktail, and you’ll feel as if the whole of Grenada belongs to you. That is the magic of Magazine Beach. It’s like the proverbial sky that is big enough to accommodate every bird.

#3. Sandy Island

Photo: @empiresailing/Instagram

There are actually two Sandy Islands: one of them is off the coast of Carriacou; the other is off the north coast of Grenada. Unfortunately, the island off Carriacou was devastated by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and converted into a nature reserve. The one off Grenada has a ruined building on it, but that’s all part of the wonder of this place. It’s advisable to arrange for a tour guide here as this place is uninhabited, and not many people visit here. That adds to the uniqueness of the place — one to get away from the hassles of urban life.

Come equipped with your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, food, etc., and immerse yourself in this unruffled wonder. It is an appropriate location for snorkeling, but also an apt setting for your holiday relaxation and picnicking. A view of sunset on this gorgeous island is one of the best viewing pleasures you can give yourself or someone you love.

#4. Grand Etang Lake

Photo: @imogenjburton/Instagram

Located in the midst of the rainforests of Grenada, the Grand Etang Lake is a place that evokes a lot of thrilling and delightful feelings. If you are a lover of wildlife, then you’ll be excited to find a range of animals, including monkeys, on this tour. Take photographs and selfies – lots of them. Who knows? It might be one of your most memorable Caribbean delights.

#5. Underwater Sculpture Park

Photo: @hazeicecream/Instagram

Sculpture aficionados and underwater enthusiasts will have nothing but wonder about the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park located off the west coast of Grenada. Established in 2006, it is the world’s first underwater sculpture park, displaying 75 stunning sculptures and statues constructed of steel and concrete. Popular iconic sculptures in the park include “Christ of the Deep” created by Troy Lewis, and “The Vicissitudes” by Jason deCaires Taylor, a sculpture of 26 Grenadian children holding hands.

Photo: @eliriv/Instagram

The sculpture park is a big attraction for scuba divers and glass bottom boat tours. They are about three to five meters underwater, but some are about six feet below the surface of the sea; so they aren’t too far off the surface. The sea has claimed these sculptures; they have become habitats and niches for marine life bedecking them with the multi-colors of the sea.

Featured image: @glographics via @puregrenada/Instagram 

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