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Travel Caribbean: 7 Interesting Places To See In Puerto Rico

Travel Caribbean: 7 Interesting Places To See In Puerto Rico


Located in the Caribbean Sea between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is endowed with an awesome landscape flaunting both natural and man-made attractions to match every traveler’s expectations. These include gorgeous beaches and blue waters for the beachgoer, majestic mountains for mountain hikers, lush rainforests and caves for the nature enthusiast, farmers’ markets for veggies, scenic streets, and sublime art galleries for art aficionados.

Puerto Rico is also an unincorporated territory of the United States; Puerto Ricans are therefore American citizens. US citizens and permanent residents don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico; and the island is one of the easiest, most hassle-free places for US citizens and permanent residents to travel to in the Caribbean. The official languages of this lovely and safe island are Spanish and English. If you’re planning a trip to this territory, then you must know the top things to do in Puerto Rico that will leave a lasting memory.

Here are 7 interesting places to visit and things to do in Puerto Rico…

#1. Take a dip in Boquerón

Photo: @adventure_puertorico/Instagram

Come to Boquerón if you are looking for great calm and quiet from the noise and hassles of big cities. It is located on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico and boasts calm, serene, and shallow waters. An ideal setting for your holiday relaxation, you’ll find a warm and friendly environment, picturesque streets, colorful houses, oyster-selling kiosks, and bars that will cater to your senses in very profound ways.

For the best tranquil beach vacation, make sure to explore Balneario de Boquerón. Serene, laid-back, and with fine trees, it’s one of the most exquisite beaches you can find in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Relax under the shade of palms, and enjoy the cool breezes the sea brings as you relish some wine or cocktail, or fresh seafood. Plus, don’t forget to preserve a memory of this exotic place in photographs.

#2. Enjoy the sun at Tamarindo Beach

Photo: @marfpics/Instagram

Beachgoers with a liking for adventure will find Tamarindo Beach wonderful. It ticks the boxes for picturesqueness and ruggedness with an abundance of turtles and fish. It also boasts suitability for kayak sport and fittingness for snorkeling. No doubt, the beauty of this beach is priceless, and the enlivening air of this place will recharge your spirit.

#3. Appreciate art at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Photo: @dapper_ak/Instagram

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is an art aficionado’s paradise and an architectural delight, as well. This architectural landmark is home to Puerto Rico’s artists from the 17th century to the present. Originally a hospital, it was refurbished in 1995 and now houses over a thousand pieces of art in its collection. You’ll find amazing paintings and sculptures that provide a great hint of this island’s past experiences and current realities.

#4. Taste the pleasure at La Placita de Santurce farmers’ market

Photo: @hetalia.puerto.rico/Instagram

A farmers’ market in the morning and a party spot at night is the best way to describe La Placita de Santurce farmers’ market. It comes highly recommended that you try a few Puerto Rican cuisine here such as mofongo, which is said to have originated from slaves shipped from West Africa into Puerto Rico during the Slave Trade. You may also try pernil, a Latin American version of roast pork. And then sample some rum. Rum is a fixture in Caribbean life. Don’t forget that rum was born in the Caribbean, and here in La Placita de Santurce, your perspective of the place will be colored by that distinctive taste and charm of Caribbean rum.

#5. Take a walk in Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Photo: @pleasures_when_you_travel/Instagram

Easily one of Puerto Rico’s most famous landmarks, Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a fort built in the 16th century when Spain ruled the island. This is a special delight and must-see for lovers of antiquity, old architecture, and colonial history. Get your cameras and also be prepared to take lots of notes on this trip of discovery.

#6. Visit Cueva Ventana

Photo: @pleasures_when_you_travel/Instagram

As Puerto Rico’s landscape flaunts majestic mountains, it would be fun to make a trip to the town of Arecibo, which is one hour away from San Juan, the capital. Cueva Ventana means “Cave Window,” and is a reference to a cave sitting on top of a limestone cliff in Arecibo. This will be fun for lovers of mountain hiking. If you have no phobia for heights and no mobility problems, latch on your shoes and explore this breathtakingly beautiful mountain and the river that runs nearby.

#7. Eat cheese at Vaca Negra

Photo: @quesosvacanegra/Instagram

Cheese lovers will find a visit to Vaca Negra as a sort of pilgrimage to the most fantastic cheeses. Are you looking to taste some of the best cheeses on your vacation, in addition to learning the art of cheese-making? Then, a tour of Vaca Negra will do just that.

You will undoubtedly leave this place full of the memories of this local maker of the loveliest cheese while being equipped with the skill to make your own. This might be your best and most lasting gift from Puerto Rico.

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