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7 Easy Hairstyles For The Girl Who Needs A Break From Wigs

7 Easy Hairstyles For The Girl Who Needs A Break From Wigs


One of the many fun things about being a black woman is being able to switch up our looks with different hairstyles. While weaves and wigs have become the preferred option on many occasions, there’s a growing movement of black women opting for hairstyles that showcase their natural hair. Certainly, these natural hairstyles are perfect for those days you need to catch a break from wigs or when you’re looking to refresh your look.

Whichever category you fall under, you’ll find fresh natural hairstyle inspirations to serve you this season and beyond. Not only do these hairstyles add a bit of spice to your beauty look, most of them, especially the braided ones, really protect your tresses. From cornrows to bantu knots, there is a hairstyle in here for every hair type.

Check out 7 easy hairstyles to consider if you need a break from wigs…

#1. A chic top bun

A top bun is stylish, easy, and downright flattering which makes it a great choice for those days when you want to break free from wigs. Depending on your preference and head shape, you can make your bun as high or low as you please. For instance, if you’re slender and tall you should opt for a shorter bun as you don’t need the “extra” length. Also, you can opt for a messy bun for a sexy feel.

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#2. The ‘fro

Free your natural hair and let it shine in all its glory. The afro is perhaps the easiest on this list as all you have to do is to comb out your hair and you’re good to go. The only challenge with this style is that it tends to make you sweat depending on how full your hair is. Other than that, it’s totally worth the rock!


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#3. Ponytails

Ponytails are the darling of natural hairstyles. This is because they don’t put any pressure on your real hair but still look great. Whether you opt for a wavy or straight ‘tail,” or you incorporate braids into the look, it looks amazing all the time. This hairstyle is also great because it’s not choosy when it comes to outfits so you slay in spite of what you style it with. 

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#4. Cornrows

Cornrows have always been the preferred choice for stylistas when they’re in need of a quick but refreshing hair fix. They flatter every face shape so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding an option that fits you. Whether you choose thin or thick “rows,” or maybe a mix of both, this is one hairstyle that wouldn’t let you down. 

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#5. Braids/faux locs

Braids/locs are one of such natural hairstyles that are not only stunning but also protect your natural hair. These hairstyles lock in moisture, which in turn can make your hair grow. In addition, they can also be styled in a variety of ways which means that one hairstyle can be styled for a refreshing look each day.

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#6. Short colored hair

If you have no idea what to do with your hair, then go short. Yes, you read that right! Short mane is all the rave right now and we have seen many celebs rock this trend so stylishly. You can take this look up a notch by tinting your hair to suit your personality. We’ve seen Style-ravens go blonde, ginger, platinum, and virtually every color in the rainbow. Which would you be rocking?

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#7. Bantu knots

There’s really no better way to represent the culture, look stylish, and protect your hair all at the same time than with bantu knots. When rocking this mane, accessories are a great way to add some extra vibe to the look. Think cowries, pins, rings, etc., as they each command a certain vibe that makes bantu knots look even dapper. 

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