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SR International: Michelle Williams Talks Motherhood, Judaism, Playing Spielberg’s Mom In ‘The Fabelmans’ And More

SR International: Michelle Williams Talks Motherhood, Judaism, Playing Spielberg’s Mom In ‘The Fabelmans’ And More


In “The Fabelmans,” the new semi-autobiographical movie from director Steven Spielberg, Mitzi Fabelman is the mother of all Jewish mothers. She is an uber-influence on her family, without whom, the movie argues, a filmmaker like Mr. Spielberg would never have been possible. Michelle Williams Net Worth

While Jewish mothers have often appeared on screen as finely tuned guilt machines, Mitzi is an argument against the stereotype. “Guilt is a wasted emotion,” she says, repeating an exact sentence from the filmmaker’s childhood.


The role is played by Michelle Williams––who reportedly has a net worth of $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth––an actress whose ethereal pixie looks do not typify Hollywood’s idea of an ethnic person. To master Mitzi, she soaked up the director’s many memories of his mother and studied archival recordings of her voice.

Here are a few things Michelle Williams revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

Williams on taking on the role of Spielberg’s mom:

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“I suppose I felt like, it’s his mother, and I trusted him—if he felt like I was the person who could play this part, I wanted to believe,” Ms. Williams, 42, said of Mr. Spielberg’s decision to cast her as his late mother. “She was and still is a larger-than-life spirit.” Michelle Williams Net Worth

Mr. Spielberg on sensing a soul in Williams that connected him to many of his childhood memories:

“She felt more like my mom than anyone I could have imagined,” he said, “and that’s the only consideration in a story more personal to me than any story I’ve ever brought to the movies.“

Williams on her connection to the Jewish faith:

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Williams, who was raised in the Christian faith, is not as removed from Jewish culture as some viewers might assume. Her husband, Thomas Kail, is Jewish, and they plan to raise their infant and two-year-old partly in the Jewish faith, she said. The actress has a synagogue picked out for the family, and she has plans to study Judaism herself.

“I can’t teach it to them unless I learn it first,” Ms. Williams said of the Jewish education she wants for her young children. The actress, who also has an older daughter, Matilda, from her relationship with the late Heath Ledger, said she has felt connected to the religion since growing up in San Diego with Jewish families living on either side of her.

“I adored being in their homes—a lot of it is those early memories of the discourse at the tables and the deep sense of belonging that tradition fosters,” she said. “It has always been something that I’ve gravitated towards, something that felt immediately exciting and deep and very different from the tinsel and cheer. I say this as somebody who also sings Christmas songs to my kid before he goes to bed. I love both.”

Williams on growing so attached to her character Mitzi that when filming wrapped she broke down in tears:

“I cried so hard they thought something had happened in my personal life,” she said. “I was grieving that I wouldn’t meet this woman again.”

Williams on playing mothers and particularly appreciates working with children:

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“I almost don’t remember a time that I wasn’t a mother, and so I think it’s just woven into the fabric of my being at this point,” she said. “I love being allowed access to this magical portal that is childhood.” Michelle Williams Net Worth

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