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7 Books Written By Black Authors In 2022 To Read Before The Year Ends

7 Books Written By Black Authors In 2022 To Read Before The Year Ends


The year 2022 is gradually ending, and it’s almost that time of year when we take an audit of the annual goals we set to achieve. For book lovers, these goals could include reading many books. If you didn’t set any or wish to do so, there’s still time to squeeze in a few books. Black authors in 2022 have taken admirable strides to write books that educate, entertain, and improve the mental state of their readers.

If you’re struggling in an aspect of life, most times the answer is tucked nicely in the pages of a book. So before we kiss the year goodbye, lay your hands on well-organized and climatically written books to foster your mental prosperity and set you on the path for the incoming year.

Check out these black authors in 2022 and their insightful books to end your year right…

#1. Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness

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Author: Laura Coates
Released: January 2022

CNN Legal Analyst and SiriusXM hostess Laura Coates created this work based on a true story of a former federal prosecutor who fights for justice in a corrupt system. The novel also exposes racial marginalization suffered by Black communities, police brutality, and judging, among other harrowing realities that can be highlighted. This book is a timely piece, as racial discrimination continues to evolve even in our society today. We need constant reminders and black authors who will not compromise on the fight for equality and equity.

#2. Carolina Built

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Author: Kianna Alexander
Released: February 2022

Kianna Alexander centers this story on the life of awe-inspiring Josephine N. Leary. The novel tells an untold story of how the real estate luminary regained her freedom. The story shows how building a legacy is challenging for Leary while maintaining a marriage and caring for her kids. She pushed forward and achieved her dreams against all odds. Black authors in 2022 are consciously tackling relatable issues, rather than focusing on abstract art. This work shows the daily struggle of the working Black wife and mother, and the struggle to always keep up on all fronts.

#3. The Last Suspicious Holdout

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Author: Ladee Hubbard
Released: March 2022

The author of “Rib KingLadee Hubbard released another mind-capturing short story collection titled “The Last Suspicious Holdout.” These linked stories center on Black people going past the post-racial period in what the book captured as the “silver of southern suburbia.” Hubbard sheds light on the Black American community navigating the 21st century through unrest.

#4. An Olive Grove In Ends

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Author: Moses McKenzie
Released: May 2022

This is a story influenced by the life of Sayon Hughes, who was born into the unpopular Hughes family of Bristol’s Clifton Neighborhood. Sayohe attempts to raise his family name financially and socially by selling drugs on the street. Unfortunately, he was involved in a gunshot altercation where a rival drug dealer was killed. The story highlights Sayon’s inner turmoil with tenderness and realism, showcasing how hard it could get to escape your circumstances no matter how you try.

#5. When We Were Birds

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Author: Ayanna Lloyd Banwo
Released: June 2022

This piece of work is one of the most anticipated works in 2022 and for a good reason. Banwo incorporated real life and fantasy in the setting of Trinidad, employing the local dialect to follow the stories of Darwin. A young Rastafari guy who is employed as a grave digger and Yejide who was gifted with the power to talk to the dead are caught up in this unusual love story. This book shows the innate power of love in varying circumstances.

#6. Honey & Spice

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Author: Bolu Babalola
Released: July 2022

Honey & Spice is a rom-com book, full of passion, written for women who have no interest in love/relationships, but find themselves slipping into the grip of the one they’ve sworn never to love. Author Babalola is a British journalist. Her debut book “Love in Color” was published in August 2020. Honey and spice is the story of Kiki Banjo, an expert in “relationship evasion.” She finds herself falling for the same guy she warned all her ladies about.

#7. Nearly All Men In Lagos Are Mad

Photo: Goodreads

Author: Damilare Kuku
Released: October 2021

If you are familiar with the struggles of finding love in a big city like Lagos, this book will resonate with you. Fast-rising Nigerian author Damilare Kuku is one of the Black authors to look out for in 2022. A compilation of 12 stories uncovering Lagos men’s relational modus operandi, the reckless ways they treat meaning, and the heartbreaks they endure to survive.

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