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Icon And Idol: Naomi Campbell Interviews Adut Akech For i-D

Icon And Idol: Naomi Campbell Interviews Adut Akech For i-D


Naomi Campbell has been in the fashion industry for more than three decades and serves as a mother and mentor to many young models who have just begun their careers. One of such models is Adut Akech, who the supermodel recently got to interview for i-D magazine.

For i-D magazine’s ‘For The Icons and Idols’ Issue, supermodel Naomi Campbell tenderly interviewed the 2019 Fashion Awards Model of the Year winner and Naomi’s passion for mentoring the new generation of black models came alive.


Adut Akech and Naomi Campbell first crossed paths in 2017 on set, shooting the Pirelli calendar with Tim Walker and Edward Enninful, and have since shared a tight bond.

South Sudan-born Akech, whose family now resides in Australia has risen to become one of the industry’s favourites ever since her debut for Saint Laurent in 2016. And just as Naomi did during her time, Adut has helped usher in a new era of diversity and inclusivity in the global modelling industry.

Here are parts of what Adut Akech shared with Naomi Campbell…

On leaving her teenage years behind…

The model, who just turned 20 in December, had this to say about leaving her teenage years behind and the change that has come with the new age: It feels weird! Maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like the minute I turned 20 I changed… Like on my birthday, I had this moment of reflection. Maybe I’ve got a new attitude towards life now? I feel like I’m older though – it’s crazy to me that I’ve just turned 20. I have more responsibilities than most people who are 20. So much has gone on in my life already — in my personal life and in my career.”


The growing diversity in the modelling world…

Adut Akech acknowledges to Naomi Campbell that she’s aware she’s part of the change in the fashion industry and how much diversity and inclusion there is now compared to when she started four years ago, “This is only my fourth year working as a model, but in those four years I’ve seen a lot of change. The biggest change we can all acknowledge is that the industry is getting more diverse. When I started – when I made my debut — there were so few other black girls, and now there are so many. There are models of colour from so many places around the world working in the industry now, and it’s incredible to see. It makes me so happy.”

Her future family and career goals…

As a family and career-oriented person, Adut is working really hard to achieve her goals while helping others achieve theirs. On what she wants for her future, she said “Honestly, I just want to be comfortable, happy, content… You can’t predict the future but I’d love to have a family. Career-wise, I want to do everything I’ve always wanted to do and then more. I don’t want to be known as just a model — I want to be remembered as someone who did something, someone who made a big impact.”

Check out more photos of Adut Akech for i-D Magazine…





Read the full interview here.

Photo credit: i-D

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