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How To Stay Sexually In-tune With Your Partner In A Long Distance Relationship

How To Stay Sexually In-tune With Your Partner In A Long Distance Relationship


Being in a long-distance relationship has its full share of disadvantages but thanks to technology, a sex life isn’t part of that anymore. While your significant other might be at the other end of the planet, you can still stay sexually in tune with your partner, isn’t that wonderful? Gone are the days when all you had was a posted love letter that oftentimes got missing in transit. Now, you can flip out your phone and voila, you’re looking your lover straight in the eyes, the utter convenience.

Having a healthy sex life is expedient and particularly for a long-distance relationship. This is because as a result of the physical separation, a more conscious effort to stay in tune sexually and otherwise is highly needed and shouldn’t be ignored. Also, remember to communicate with each other and build an overall healthy relationship and a strong sex life is almost guaranteed.

Check out 5 ways you can stay sexually in tune in a long-distance relationship… 

#1. Phone sex

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This is old but gold. Talking dirty over the phone allows your imagination to run wild and there’s no limit to the level of pleasure you and your partner could get from this. Turn each other on with your voices like you’re in college once more.

#2. Sexting

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There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re desired by your partner. Achieve this by giving them the hots with naughty texts/chats and watch how they become sneaky at work. Don’t be surprised when they run to the bathroom to call you because they just can’t get their mind off you. This will definitely help you stay sexually in tune with your partner. 

#3. Mutual masturbation 

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This is a great opportunity to bond and let each other in on what you like and don’t fancy sexually. While video calls are great, they also help you bond sexually. Masturbating together and hitting orgasmic cloud nine while listening to your favorite sex playlist is not just surreal but also serves as a much-needed stress reliever. 

#4. Remote sex toys

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Do you see why technology is your best friend? There are so many apps and toys that allow your partner to control your sex toy remotely while you sit back, relax and imagine they were there in person. It’s soothing to know that wherever in the world you find yourself, your partner still has the liberty to pleasure you. This is a breakthrough for long-distance relationships and is a surefire way to stay sexually in tune with your partner.

#5. Surprise them 

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Get romantic and send them a gift to their workplace, everyone loves a “just because” gift. You could decide to tuck in a sexy note with a task you want both of you to try out when next you see. Teasing and flirting is a long-distance relationship staples. 

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