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8 Sex Games To Spice Things Up With Your Significant Other

8 Sex Games To Spice Things Up With Your Significant Other


Sometimes, it gets really awkward telling your partner what you’d rather have them do to spice up your sex life. Luckily, if a direct approach isn’t your forte, there’re a handful of sex games that’ll pass the message across. By incorporating these naughty games for couples into your relationship, you both not only get to explore your wild fantasies but also connect in new ways.

Want a prelude into a night of steaming hot sexual overflow? Want to revive your sex life? Then, sex games should be on your couple’s to-do list as they are a fun way to get rid of any pressure and discover each other in ways that seemed impossible.

Check out 8 naughty games to explore in order to spice up your relationship…

#1. Stripped-down twister

Photo: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

This is the classic twister game that you know and love, minus clothing.  It’s a great way to stretch and find new sex positions *winks.* When playing, every time someone falls, they have to remove a layer of clothing. Let’s see who loses it all first. 

#2. What’s your fantasy?

Photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán/Pexels

For this game, you need a hat (or a small jar or bowl), small pieces of paper, and a pen. To play, write down the fantasies you have yet to share with your partner, whether it’s trying out a new position or playing with some toys. Next, put the slips of paper into the hat, then take turns unfolding them. So how does it end? Executing the fantasies, of course!

#3. Time bomb

Photo: Moose Photos/Pexels

For this sex game, you need a clock or an egg timer. Once you get that, pick a time interval (for instance, 15 minutes) and do something sensual within that time frame. For instance, you can kiss, touch, or try any other form of foreplay. But there’s a rule: do not allow penetration until that much time has elapsed.

#4. Sugar rush sex games

Photo: Ylanite Koppens/Pexels

This sex game is so sweet (literally) that you and your Significant Other (S.O.) would have a rush! Put on some blindfolds and get something sweet like ice cream, honey, or crushed strawberry (the possibilities are endless) as you prepare for a steaming session. Here’s how it works: drop the sweetener of your choice somewhere on your body and let your partner (still in blindfolds) search for it with his/her tongue. Don’t forget to set a timer.

NOTE: Do have a shower before playing this game for obvious reasons.

#5. The consent sex game

Photo: cottonbro/Pexels

If you want to experience fire within your nether regions, then play this super flirty sex game. Especially if your sex life is void of valuable foreplay. This will keep a tight rein on the urge to just get straight to the do. It’s simple to play as all you have to do while teasing is to ask, “Can I?” before every touch. Consent never looked so sexy.

#6. Truth or dare (X-rated version)

Photo: Aashish R Gautam/Unsplash

Remember how this game put us all in a hot mess spilling secrets and doing the unthinkable? Well, to get the best out of this version, you should focus on using this sex game to understand your partner’s sexual needs better. Also, you might want to discuss boundaries in case a dare or truth spirals out of what you’re willing to engage in. Although, even though there may be boundaries, attempt to go beyond your comfort zone and do/say the nastiest things to each other.

#7. Dress up and role play

Photo: Eric Nopanen/Unsplash

This game is all about dressing up to tease your S.O. as you transform into an unexpected character. Maybe you wanna be a cop, nurse, stripper, or even a witch, there’s surely no limit. However, do ensure that you not only dress the part but also play the character well. Dressing up has never been so hot.

NOTE: You may need to shop for outfits and props. Totally worth it.

#8. Pillow fight

Photo: Viktoria Slowikowska/Pexels

This is one of my favorite sex games because there are no distractions. Only the both of you, unashamed in your underwear as you tenderly smack each other with pillows. All that’s needed is a pillow fight and going on a tickling spree. What’s more, a little spanking on the butt can also ump the heat and desire.

Still, think your partner is stubborn? Whisper into their ears: “Your pants, they bother me, take them off!” and watch them get so humble. What other way would your partner accept to shed that underwear you hate to see on them anyways? Blame it on your sexual fantasy. How brilliant! It’s really all fun and games.

Featured image: @gabunion/Instagram 

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