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5 Stylish Ways To Rock Your Pajamas For A Weekend Slay

5 Stylish Ways To Rock Your Pajamas For A Weekend Slay


Pajamas is arguably one of the most underrated clothing options in every girl’s closet. We seem to have relegated it to only when we want to hit the sheets, and even then, we sometimes wear it mismatched. What if I told you that this same outfit can be essential for your weekend slay, would you believe me? Take a scroll through IG and I bet you’d come across some effortless slay this outfit is responsible for. Yes, a relaxed pajama vibe look for the gram is so in it’s almost a crime not to recreate yours.

More than ever, this ‘sleepwear’ is having its moment on the streets and laid-back girls are rejoicing. You want to have the “I woke up like this” look without literally looking like you just woke up. Anything that’s as comfortable as it is stylish is very welcome, and in this case, pajamas certainly is. Thanks to street style and all the endless creativity it holds, we have now witnessed the rise of the PJ as a fashion miracle. Get inspired on how to rock yours.

Check out 5 ways to stylishly catch the pajamas fever…

#1. A full pajamas set

Indeed that full set you have lying on the side of your bed can be the fashion twist your style needs. Several celebs and style influencers are hitting the streets in a PJ set in full swing. For an effortless slay that doesn’t look lazy, wear yours with accessories that will elevate the whole ensemble. Tricky yet stylish if pulled off right.


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#2. Pajama top x denim bottoms

We bet you’ve seen this look a handful of times and noticed how ladies are getting creative with theirs. Do the same and opt for a PJ top paired with your favorite denim. In this case, it can be a pair of denim shorts, pants, or skirt. It’s really all up to you.

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#3. Kimono pajamas robe

Remember your pajamas robe your kids used to play superhero? Yes, that one. Well, you’ll need to treat it more carefully as it’s an IT fashion item that won’t be going away anytime soon. Throw it over pretty much anything you’re wearing and go from regular girl next door to a chic fashionista.

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#4. Slip wear

Who would have ever thought this nighty would become a sought-after outfit? Not me for sure. The slip dress is a great choice for any lady who wants to play the sexy card subtly. This is because it sits so delicately on your frame flattering it in every way imaginable. A must-have if you ask me.


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#5. An oversized polo

I fall into the category of those ladies who’d just throw on an oversized polo and head straight to bed. No need to look for pants for your PJ top. This is even better when it’s my man’s shirt, the utter comfort! Well, if you have an oversized polo lying around, throw it on this weekend and pair it with your favorite footwear. Whether it be boots, sneakers, or sandals, this outfit isn’t picky.

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