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3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Eyeglasses

3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Eyeglasses



eople with vision problems are no longer just looking for solutions to their poor eyesight but are also now concerned about how they look with corrective eyewear. According to a study in Cureus, people of different cultural associations have varying perceptions of attractiveness and intelligence. Given this perspective, it can be easy for people with eyeglasses to feel self-conscious about their eyewear— affecting their confidence and self-esteem.

Some can argue that glasses are made to look bad, especially if they are not so fit for your features. In line with this, eyewear leaders provide services to help users find eyewear options that help with vision and confidence. That is, make them look good while serving corrective purposes. LensCrafters, for instance, supports finding the perfect frame to suit you. When buying glasses online, their Frame Advisor technology looks at several details that can identify your perfect match, including face shape, size, hair color, eye color, and skin undertone— providing you with knowledge of what can make for a great look. All in all, this just underscores how choosing the right pair of glasses goes beyond merely getting your prescription.

Check out ways your features and lifestyle determine how to choose your glasses…

#1. Skin undertone

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In fashion, understanding whether your skin undertone is cooler or warmer can make a huge difference in how well you style yourself. Some colors look more flattering based on your undertone, so it’s best to have your frames within your optimal color palettes. Here are some methods of identifying whether you have a cool or warm undertone:

  • When checking for your undertone, make sure you’re using natural light.
  • In front of the natural light, compare your face to a white sheet of paper. If your face seems washed out, then you have a cool undertone. On the other hand, a tan may indicate a warm undertone.
  • Look at the veins on your hand. Warm undertones produce greenish veins, whereas cool undertones are present as blue. Neutral undertones typically show a combination of the two.
  • For those who are color conscious, it may be well worth trying a professional color analysis to find the best color palettes for you. According to color and style consultant Julia Dobkine, your skin tone may change by various factors, be it sun tanning, medication, or smoking, but overall undertones remain the same.

#2. Your face shape

Photo: Gustavo Fring/Pexels

Many people consider face shape as the core of choosing glasses. Experts often recommend that your frames are opposite to your face shape to maintain balance. There are many face types, but they are generally divided into five categories with their own recommendations:

  • Oval – Oval faces suit most glasses, so it’s up to you to find a style that fits.
  • Round – Angular frames can complement the softer round shape, so opt for square, rectangular, or aviator frames.
  • Square – If you have a pronounced jawline and high cheekbones, it may be better to avoid rectangular glasses. Instead, opt for rounded frames like circular and browlines.
  • Triangle – Choose gentler frames like circulars or cat eyes to keep the upper half of your face from looking too wide.
  • Heart – Similar to triangle faces, you need to keep your face balanced. Choose relatively wide, but not too wide, rectangular glasses

#3. Consider your lifestyle

Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Your eyewear will be with you most of your day, so you must consider what activities you do throughout the day before deciding on your glasses. If you’re a remote worker or a person who uses digital screens for extended periods, it’s recommended that you get blue light-blocking glasses to reduce exposure. One of the go-to options is online eyewear retailer Zenni, which has sold over 10 million pairs of Blokz, its blue light-blocking lenses. On the other hand, people who play sports may want to consider sports glasses, as they are durable enough to withstand an occasional impact.

It can be difficult to choose a singular pair that perfectly matches your lifestyle, so it may be helpful to have multiple pairs. By being careful about how your glasses fit, you can enjoy clear vision and still make a style statement.

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