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Menswear Special: 6 Fashion Tips That Help You Look Taller

Menswear Special: 6 Fashion Tips That Help You Look Taller


One of the best things about fashion is that with the right pieces, you can “alter” your physique, including your height. Depending on the colors you choose, you can also make your skin look deeper, lighter, or washed out. When it comes to looking taller, though — how can you gain some extra height without too much effort? Below are some detailed fashion tips on how to look taller.

Check out 6 effective fashion tips to help you look taller…

#1. Master the art of layering

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Layering works like an optical illusion because there are a few points of interest in different parts of the body, and the eye is naturally drawn to them. When layering, avoid any bulky layers as it may make you look wider. Another way to look taller is to layer a collar under a sweatshirt. This only works if you remember to tuck in your shirt as this supports to illusion. It may sound strange, however, it is a simple styling technique worth trying.

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#2. Avoid going too baggy

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It is really easy to get swamped in clothing if you stick to only baggy items. Baggy jeans and loose T-shirts make the person wearing them look shorter, effectively giving the opposite effect that you’re looking for.

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Closer-cut clothing and slimmer-fitting items skim the shape of the body in the right way. In addition, tailored shirts and anything with a cinched-in waist can also give a great shape. A great tip is to use the cut of the trousers to make your legs appear longer.

#3. Consider more masculine clothing

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Sometimes the most interesting cut and style of clothing is androgynous or more masculine leaning. Both styles are cut slightly differently from their more feminine counterparts, but sometimes the stitching detail on black denim pants or on a shirt can make limbs look longer. Play around with different styles and cuts that you might not usually see, and you might be surprised by just how interesting the silhouette is!

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#4. Play the matching card

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One of the most common tricks used on the red carpet to make stars look taller is to have a shoe that is the same color as the lower half of the body. Since there is no definition between the colors, the legs look elongated. In women, you will tend to see this as a nude pump that matches the skin tone, and in males, the shoe will match the color of the trousers.

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Another tip when it comes to shoes is if you are calf conscious or want to look taller, shy away from shoes with an ankle strap, and they ‘cut the leg off’ at a certain point, which stops the gaze.

#5. Understand the role of belts

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There is very little that can replace a good belt, but your belt might be the reason you feel like you look shorter today. Belts create a separation between the top half and the bottom half of the body. When you are trying to make yourself look taller, you want to make sure that the gaze doesn’t stop at specific points, especially not midway.

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If you love to wear belts, then change where your waist is. Ensure you buy trousers that sit on your natural waistline, which is usually a little higher than many wear their pants (and higher than in the 90s), and use a simple belt without a large buckle.

#6. Work with blazers

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Blazers are a wardrobe staple, and rightfully so. They are incredibly versatile and go from day to night with ease. Add to that the fact that you can use your blazer to look a little taller, and you see why it’s imperative never to overlook them. When styling for height, you should know that the button placement on your blazer will dictate where people look. It is a good idea to make sure that you get your blazer tailored, and if you need to, ask for the buttons to be moved too.

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The top button on the blazer is the indication you are looking for. When the top button sits just above your belly button, that is the right blazer for you. If the button is higher up, what happens is the lapels look smaller, and that makes it look out of proportion for your frame. Tips To Look Taller

When it comes to looking a little bit taller in your clothing, a tailor can be your best friend because they will make sure the proportions are correct. It’s all about the little details, so start to pay attention to the cuts, stitching, and button placement, and you’ll soon notice a big difference. This is not to say that being short is undesired, but we can all do well with a few inches now and then. Hopefully, these minute changes can help you look taller and enable you to feel and look your best.

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