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Mini Delight! 9 Mini Dresses Guaranteed To Cause A Havoc

Mini Delight! 9 Mini Dresses Guaranteed To Cause A Havoc


Hot mini dresses have always been in fashion for obvious reasons. Whether it’s how well they flatter a woman’s figure or the sensation they stir, these clothing choices are a favorite of many. As the climate begins to change and we gradually ditch layers for more skin reveals, mini dresses should surely land a spot in your wardrobe if sexy is on your to-do list. Interestingly, they come in a variety of styles to suit various preferences.

Coming in different cuts and silhouettes, the hot mini dress has always been a top pick for bold and fiery women but it is especially a petite woman’s best bet for any evening event.

2021 came with a wave of self-expression and risk-taking through fashion and style as many stylish women moved from their safe fashion choices to rocking pieces that reflect their new wave of confidence. As expected, 2022 is fearlessly following suit with mini dresses looking like they would once again smash the fashion charts this season. Our response? Stock up on various styles ‘cuz these legs wouldn’t flaunt themselves!

Since we’re not expecting this trend to disappear anytime soon, we’ve curated several mini dress styles our editors all agree are totally haute!

Check out 9 mini dresses guaranteed to cause havoc this coming season…

#1. The patent leather mini dress

What’s sexier than a mini dress? A leather mini dress of course! This patent leather LBD is a sure way to steal the show as you arrive at the party. Take no prisoners! 


#2. The detailed sleeves mini dress

A chic mini dress like Monica Awe-Etuk‘s detailed number will have you feeling divine and we confess this as believers. This is a statement dress that screams pure sophistication.


#3. The micro mini dress

This sexy zebra print number is simply irresistible, and the kind of piece you wear when you want no hiding place at the party.

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#4. The blazer-inspired mini dress

Tasteful and refined, this outfit will make you rethink everything you’ve ever thought about blazer dresses. Plus, the color affords it the privilege of flattering most skin tones while the scarf around Linda’s neck is the bow on a well-wrapped package. Absolutely no one would pass this spicy yet classy blazer dress without giving it a second look.


#5. The mini shirt dress

With print season upon us, the easiest way to make a fashion banger is with rich prints and this mini shirt dress proves just that. The fit as well as the details on this number are simply impressive. This is the kind of mini dress you wear to prove that you’re a certified Style Raven!

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#6. The cocktail mini dress

This elegant mini dress is simply breathtaking. The length, form, and bow details do all the talking so you don’t even have to introduce yourself as the star of the show. Accessories should be kept at a minimum to ensure that this baby gets undivided attention. Yes!

#7. The embellished mini dress

All that glitters may not be gold but this shimmering hot mini dress can sure spark a chemical reaction. *Wink*  Sparkle in a dress like this and steal the show wherever you go.


#8. The draped bodycon

When you bring draping and bodycon into the same mix, the result is always a sexy wonder. This number boasts the curve-defining effect of draping as well as the haute factor of mini. A great combo made in fashion heaven.


#9. The simple mini dress

Sometimes, all you need to cause a sensation is a simple outfit that fits like a glove. On the days when an edge isn’t the route you’re looking to explore then, slip into a simple mini-dress that’s sexy without trying. However, don’t forget to use accessories to the max.

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