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7 Infallible Ways To Elevate Your Style In 2022

7 Infallible Ways To Elevate Your Style In 2022


From clothing to accessories, shoes to handbags, women’s fashion has always come with an extensive range of options to choose from. However, it doesn’t simply translate that an array of options makes it easy for women to remain fashionable, especially with the constant change in trends. Given, some women look effortlessly stylish every time they step out regardless of what pieces they throw on; this is because such women have mastered trusted ways to elevate their style and so can you.

When it comes to personal style, a woman’s biggest strategy is dressing for her body type and personality. There are no shortcuts to putting a great outfit together. Either you randomly buy clothing hoping to create some semblance of a “look,” or you intentionally learn a set of guiding principles that you can always apply to your style––in dynamic ways. And you may ask, why is dressing great so important? Perhaps, it’s because well-dressed women understand that when they look their best, the world relates to them accordingly.

Are there any key style rules, tips and secrets worth following? Yes, there most certainly are. The most stylish women pay attention to timeless rules of style, the latest fashion trends, as well as their personal preferences, and then put all of these to work.

Because we’re committed to helping you look your best, we’ve curated seven of the best ways you can elevate your style based on the fashion trends already ruling street style, so far in 2022. Keep in mind, the key to a winning look remains feeling as good as your look.

Here are 7 sure ways to elevate your style this year…

#1. Invest in quality over quantity

With so many fast fashion options flooding the market, choosing quality over quantity is one rule you should seriously consider each time you go shopping, whether online or in person. The questions you should ask yourself each time you shop are: How sustainable is this item or brand? What’s the cost per wear and what does my ROI look like? How long would a piece like this last or maintain its original quality?

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Did you know that quality is cheaper in the long run? This is because of the cost-per-wear methodology. Cost per wear is how much the item costs divided by the number of wears you will get out of it. From dresses to coats and every fashion item in between, shopping from high-quality brands such as Louis Vuitton, Off-White, or the Woolrich selection on 24s, not only builds the caliber of your wardrobe but also your confidence and the kind of people you attract. Other luxury brands to consider when it comes to quality include Fendi, Laquan Smith, Loewe, Telfar, Dior, Fenty, and Christopher John Rogers among others.

#2. Master the art of monochrome styling

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You’ve probably worn a monochromatic outfit on lazy days. You pull out a pair of black pants, and a black turtleneck, throw on your black trench coat and matching boots and headed straight out of the door. Easiest styling ever, right? But did you know that wearing the same or similar colors from head to toe has the innate power of making you look like a million bucks? Little wonder the Royals love monochrome looks so much.  

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Given, monochrome looks are easy to nail and black is the simplest color to start with, yet monochrome styling can be pretty tricky to get right, especially once you start to venture into bright colors or light neutrals. And while you may think that monochromatic outfits take less energy to ensemble, it takes some testing to find out what really works for your unique style in terms of texture combination, proportions and proper accessorizing. Once you figure these out, you can begin shopping for clothing pieces and accessories that match what’s already in your wardrobe and watch your royal style come alive.

#3. Shop statement designs from emerging brands

While established brands are a good route to explore, it’s also great to try out budding brands within and outside your locale. Buying statement designs from emerging brands is a sure way to create unique looks that help you stand out from the crowd. For one, Africa is home to many talented designers whose designs are being recognized globally and are taking their place on the fashion stage. From Andrea Iyamah to Hanifa to Tongoro, the continent is certainly not short of innovative designers. 

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Your wardrobe will benefit from mixing statement pieces from such emerging brands with more affordable brands like Zara and H&M and designer brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, Tom Ford and more. Combining local and foreign or known and unknown brands is how top stylists keep the best-dressed celebrities staying ahead of the game.

#4. Explore prints

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Whether you’re 20 or 60 years old, it’s always easier to stay firmly in your comfort zone when it comes to your personal style. This year, why not challenge yourself by being a bit unpredictable with your style? Exploring prints is one way you can do that. Prints create fun, eclectic and cool pieces that can undoubtedly elevate your style. 

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However, prints are a tad risky and the slightest mismatch can be disastrous. Start by matching the same print in sets or styling prints with a complementing solid piece. As you become more daring, you can experiment with contrasting prints or prints within the same color family. Bear in mind that looking stylish isn’t only about what your wear but how you own your look.

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#5. Experiment with accessories

Simply put, accessories are the exclamation point of any outfit. In the world of fashion, accessories can make or break your look. From the boldest item to the most delicate, every piece you wear tells a unique story. If you want to make an impression, you need to style your outfits with accessories that not elevate your style but embody your personality. 

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What is your overall style personality or what’s your overall goal with a particular look? Minimalistic? Timeless? Daring and edgy? Eccentric? Classy and Elegant? These are some of the key things to keep in mind when shopping for and styling your accessories.

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#6. Play with proportions

Typically, people wear clothes that are proportionate in cut and volume from top to bottom. It’s 2022 and a lot has changed including styling proportions. Designers are more experimental and are putting out clothing pieces with bigger collars or sleeves or oversized designs. Proportions can also be played with by experimenting with sizes that are a little bigger than your usual. You can opt for a pair of skinny jeans worn under an oversized jacket from a fashion-forward brand.

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These days, the most daring stylish women are choosing to wear clothes of unequal proportions not just to look cool and edgy but also because they want to break free from the regular––the predictable. Exaggerated proportions are totally in and you can spot this on top influencers and celebrities.

#7. Embrace bold colors

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The use of bold colors has been a key ingredient in elevating style for as long as we can remember. Bold colors have the power of injecting personality into an otherwise conventional outfit. There are many pitfalls to playing around with bold colors, but there are also countless avenues that can have you striking the right balance. Rocking colorful clothing pieces from fashion brands like Ralph Lauren or Loewe who are known for their vibrant tones will add some organic pizzazz to your style.

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