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23 French Girl Outfit Ideas That Are Effortlessly Perfect For Summer

23 French Girl Outfit Ideas That Are Effortlessly Perfect For Summer



rance has always been of tremendous interest to me. I find the food, accent, fashion, and the entire Je ne sais quoi absolutely irresistible. When it comes to fashion, the French have been a recognized player for decades, and for a fashion girl like myself, it is easy to get lost in the birthland of Coco Chanel and Haute Couture. The French girl’s outfit is a graceful display of elegance, timelessness, and class. More than enough to send any style connoisseur to fashion heaven.

For an average La Parisienne, fashion is about being dressed up and laid-back at the same time. It borders around a closet that favors quality over quantity to create a look that’s effortlessly stylish. Although French girl outfits are more understated than pompous, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for some flair. By throwing on a hat or a sudden pop of color, some character can be injected into the most subtle outfits. A French girl’s wardrobe is bursting with classics. Think dresses, denim, structured bags, berets, vintage picks, scarves, and a secret rule: never reflect too much effort.

Simply put, the Parisian style is about chic, classy, and long-lasting pieces you could wear this summer, and every other summer. This season we find ourselves marveling particularly over La Parisienne’s style, one that’s carefully curated to look entirely effortless.

Check out these French girl outfit ideas that would totally work this summer…

#1. Delicate dresses

Dresses are an all-time staple of the French girl outfit. From floral prints to polka dots and the Little Black Dresses (LBD), the right dress can instantly level up your Parisian style. Play your accessory game hard with practical handbags and trendy hats. You can also up the ante with season-appropriate jewelry and sunglasses.

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#2. Flirty shorts

It’s summer and a great reason to show off your amazing legs. Whether you are throwing on distressed denim shorts or cargo options, the perfect shorts for the perfect French girl outfit should be comfortable, stylish, and laid-back. You don’t want to defeat the purpose of Parisian style with loud, attention-seeking outfits.

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#3. Desirable pants

Pants are an undeniable gem when it comes to a French girl’s outfit or any outfit for that matter. With such a wide variety of designs, fits, colors, and textures, there is almost nowhere the ‘almighty’ pants won’t fit. A note of advice when going the French route is to work with the chilled flair of your pants with a blouse that matches the vibe. Alright girl, go on and slay. 

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#4. Trusted jeans

Jeans are tried and trusted, no wonder La Parisienne flock to them. Whether you are styling it up with a blazer or rocking it subtly with a shirt, this outfit will always show up right. It reportedly emerged from  Genoa, Italy, and Nîmes, France. Another not-so-surprising reason to find your Parisian style in it. 

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#5. Stylish blazers

Yes, I know when you think of blazers you remember the annoying outfit that reminds you of your boring job, but blazers are far from this. From street style to high fashion and (oh-oh) workwear, this clothing is no doubt splendid. When it comes to the French girl outfit, blazers can be worn with girly skirts, and jeans, and can even be thrown over a dress. That is to say, with this item, your creativity is all that matters. 

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#6. Girly skirts

Skirts are all so girly and I love them. When worn in mini options, they flaunt your gorgeous legs; when in maxi, they give a regal look. Oh, and the sweet spot, the midi skirt, is extra perfect. What’s not to love about them? When you are channeling your inner Coco Chanel in a French girl outfit, do remember to stick to the less is more rule. After all, toned-down is considerably fierce. 

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#7. Jumpsuit and two-piece

Yes, they are two different clothing but they can have the same effect. From delivering a well-coordinated look with little need for extra styling to increasing your slay without breaking a sweat, these two are undeniably fashionable. Every French girl knows the jumpsuit and two-piece are essential, and so should you.

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