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You Will Get Lost In Jennifer Oseh’s Wonderland Of Colours And Patterns

You Will Get Lost In Jennifer Oseh’s Wonderland Of Colours And Patterns


Love wild prints, bright colours and bold patterns? Then you would definitely love Jennifer ‘Theladyvhodka’ Oseh. In this era of refined fashion, minimalist ensembles and expensive designer labels, Theladyvhodka stands out – in a good way.

Many fashion lovers find it hard to express their true selves thinking that it is necessary to look like you just came off the runway of a Dior cruise show to be considered fashionable but on the contrary, you need no specifics than being authentic to be fashionable. And that’s exactly what Jennifer Oseh embodies.

The fashion influencer and budding designer is one of the few people who have taken time to understand and craft out a convincing style profile. She loves her prints, her bright primary colours, her patterns and her wide-leg pants. She loves layering contrasting prints and textures and pays attention to even the smallest details. She’s such a pro at it.

Jennifer Oseh

The bonafide Style Raven is a poster child for “how to wear patterns and print like a pro.” Her style is captivating, so much so that she looks like a work of art every time she posts an image on Instagram. This is simply because she has mastered the art of mixing textures, patterns and variations of colours with foolproof strategies.

Want to know how she does it? We’ve got a few of her secrets:

1. Keep your prints and patterns in the same colour family.

2. Pick prints that share a singular colour and invert the colours if you are using the same pattern.

3. Match looks that are aesthetically pleasing; for example, demure yellow and burnt orange is a pro mix.

4. Play around with sizes – and we mean patterns.

5. Learn the colour wheel and know which hues work well and best together.

Here are a few proofs of how Jennifer Oseh keeps us entranced in her fashion wonderland…

Jennifer Oseh

Jennifer Oseh

Jennifer Oseh

Photo Credit: IG | Theladyvhodka

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