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Wedding Guest Styles We Absolutely Love! | Be Inspired

Wedding Guest Styles We Absolutely Love! | Be Inspired

It’s been a lovely weekend and as we gear up for the new week, we’ve got to bring you style highlights from this past weekend. For us, one of the best moments was scrolling through Instagram and coming across wedding guest styles that were almost too good to be true.

While there are different types of weddings there is the need to look fab for all of them, taking into cognizance the fact that much effort and thought have been put into making the day perfect and as such it’s going to be upsetting (to the bride) if you attend the ceremony in “rags.”

Some of you might say “it is a struggle to dress for a wedding”; we hear you but we believe that sometimes it might seem so but once you arm yourself with a guide and a Style Rave photo-book then the sky will truly be your limit, style-wise

First, a guide on what not to wear to a wedding except otherwise stated in the invitation

1. A solid white dress made from whatever fabric is frowned upon. You must realize that it is “NOT” your wedding. While white accents are okay, you should avoid anything that would make you seem like the bride.

2. A wedding is a party and so you should leave your lackadaisical casual pieces back at home; bomber jackets, sweat pants, shorts, etc are not allowed except otherwise stated.

3. Nobody wants to see your bra, try to get things in order when you dress for a wedding by ensuring that you have on the right underwear.

4. Your makeup is also part of the things you wear. While this post is about clothing you should be aware that your makeup can make or mare your entire look, so take note!

Now that you’ve gotten a clue on what not to wear to be and look like the perfect wedding guest, here’s a photo-book to give you a good idea of what the “perfect” wedding guest looks like these days. These looks are fun, trendy, classy and creative! What better way to stand out from the crowd than showing up in an outfit that’s uniquely yours and insanely stylish.

Here are some recent wedding guest styles from Instagram for your inspiration…








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