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Top 5 Scariest Movies Of All Time That Are Impossible To Shake Off

Top 5 Scariest Movies Of All Time That Are Impossible To Shake Off



orror movies are definitely not something you’d want to watch to ease off the day’s stress. On the contrary, if you want an adrenaline-pumping-hide-behind-the-chair kind of scare, then they’re the right pick. One thing is for sure, their goal is to scare the composure out of you leaving you screaming like a scared little cat.

Wait until you ask each friend to send you a list of their scariest movies of all time and watch confusion set in. Big ups to that friend who just says: “Harry Potter? I don’t know, I’m not big on scary movies”. It’s impressive how some people have no clue what happens in the scary movie world. 

However, if you are big on the scare then we have curated this list of scariest movies all for you. From recent Hollywood spooky flicks to old-time classics that are still as horrifying today, the goal of horror movies is still to scare the color out of you. After a lot of back and forth and subjecting ourselves to more spookiness than we have the stomach for, here are the scariest movies to send you to the fear factory.

Check out our top 5 scariest movie picks…

1. Hell Raiser (1987)

This has got to be one of the scariest movies of all time and it’ll keep you at the edge of your seat with goosebumps all over. A man and his new wife move into his late mother’s abandoned house. Unknown to him, he had an accident that spilled his blood on the premises which resurrected his late brother. But to perfect this resurrection, more blood is needed.

2. Us (2019)


When we picture meeting our doppelgängers, we don’t exactly think they’ll want to snuff the life out of us. This family of four go on a vacation and meet their perilous look alike as it becomes survival of the fittest. This recent horror movie is definitely one of the scariest movies of all time, prepare to scream your throats sore.

3. The Exorcist (1973)

Hold your breath for this one as you might not be getting any sleep tonight. It’s not on the scariest movies of all time list for nothing. A 12-year-old girl becomes possessed with demons and her mother attempts to help her through exorcism which goes deadly wrong. Please, don’t faint on us.

4. Get Out (2017)


A black American man is in for a scary surprise as he visits the family of his Caucasian girlfriend who seem normal at first but it’s hard to keep pretending to be what you’re not.

5. The Omen (1976)


Sometimes, you just have to accept your fate. That would’ve been our little advice for Robert and in hindsight, he couldn’t agree more. Robert’s wife births a stillborn which he switches with an orphaned infant. This must have been a source of regret for the family as the child manifests evil characteristics as he grows.

If you’re into scary movies, then maybe you’ll know that sleeping after watching any of these movies isn’t such a good idea. Did we miss out on your favorite scariest movies of all time (trust us, this was a tough and inconclusive decision)? Feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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