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Travel Caribbean: 5 Fun Things To Do When You Visit The Bahamas

Travel Caribbean: 5 Fun Things To Do When You Visit The Bahamas


It is said that Christopher Columbus “discovered” the new world beginning in the Bahamas. Charmed by the beauty of the new paradise, the Bahamas became one of the first places where he and his crew landed. To this day, travelers and tourists continue to pour into the island, and it’s easy to see why. The Bahamas, made up of 700 islands, has great weather, picturesque oceanfront villas, swimming pigs, pirate history, water sports, colorful festivals, mouth-watering cuisine, and a lot more.

With 700 islands and a vast array of exciting things to do, it’s no surprise that the Bahamas is a popular destination. But so many options can make it a challenge to select a handful should you wish to make a stop here. To save you the stress of digging through one tourist attraction after another, we’ve done the task and curated five special places to visit and things to do if you visit the beautiful archipelago of the Bahamas.

Check out 5 exciting things to do when you visit the Bahamas…

#1. Explore the capital city of Nassau

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Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, is a popular cruise ship port welcoming lots of tourists on cruise ships waiting to be treated to the city’s candy-colored buildings, incredible beaches, museums, old forts, and cutting-edge resorts. Tourists seeking a calm spot in Nassau can visit Cable Beach, located on Providence Island, about six miles west of downtown Nassau. It has a vast stretch of fine sand overlooking magnificent blue waters. Here, you can rent an umbrella and sit all day watching the exquisite beauty of this place.

A stroll down this seaside paradise will certainly make your day, and you’ll find its more than two miles stretch of soft white sand delightful. The view of its blue waters is splendid, a perfect companion to your quiet meditation and private contemplation. You can indulge in a little game or adventure, join in a sandcastle-building competition, or a volleyball or kayaking sport. Also, there are nearby hotels and resorts to cap your idyllic experience here with first-rate hospitality. You’ll leave this beach feeling pampered by nature and life.

#2. Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum

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If you are fascinated with pirate stories, you may wish to explore the wax museum of the Pirates of Nassau Museum. It memorializes the life and period when pirates operated in the Bahamas and West Indies/Caribbean Sea before the British came and brought an end to their reign. The museum presents a visual introduction to the lives of pirates, their weapons, trappings, lifestyles, battles, and more. Visitors to the museum are sure to learn more about the most terrifying pirate of all time, Blackbeard (also known as Edward Teach), whose life and times inspired many pirate movies that we love watching today.

#3. Savor the rich seafood menus and cocktails of the Bahamians

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As a Caribbean country, the Bahamas offers an eclectic cuisine with European, African, and South American influences. Make sure to explore the wide array of culinary delights available here such as fried fish, conch salad, baked crab, rock lobster, and Johnny cakes. While chilling out on a Bahamian beach, you may try out some Bahama Mama cocktails. Composed mainly of rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine, this cocktail is a perfect delight for your beachside relaxation.

#4. Celebrate Junkanoo with the locals

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Bahamian locals spend weeks and months making the most intricately decorated costumes for their best-loved festival, Junkanoo. They also spend time practicing dances and skits. Excitement mounts in the Bahamas as December 26 (Boxing Day) and New Year’s Day approach; it is on these days that Junkanoo takes place. There is an avid competition among different groups of costumed people for the Best Junkanoo Group prize.

The Bahamian capital, Nassau, brims over with music and festivity during this festival. The sights are enchanting: droves of elaborately costumed troupes swirling and dancing in brilliant colors, youngsters beating goatskin drums or blowing animal horns and tinkling bells. In addition, the costumed crowds come cheering in their favorite groups, parades, floats, parties, and so forth. The flamboyance and pageantry created by the Bahamians are some of the special recipes for the ultimate Caribbean experience.

#5. Pick some Bahamian arts and crafts


A wonderful stay in the Bahamas deserves a thing or two to hold onto as souvenirs to memorialize your experience. There are lots of arts and crafts that you are sure to fall in love with here. As the Bahamas is rich in marine life, you will find lots of conch shell jewelry on sale. They are gorgeous. Other than that, you’ll also find a ton of other collectibles. You won’t get it wrong with any selection because they’re all charming: exquisite watercolors, sea glass paintings, wood carvings, hand-woven bags, straw hats, coconut sculptures, pirate-inspired souvenirs, Junkanoo-suited jewelry, and outfits. A lot of these can be picked at the Nassau Straw Market. These beautiful souvenirs will follow you home, embodying all the fun memories that only a Bahamian vacation can bring.

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