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Travel Caribbean: 10 Caribbean Destinations To Soothe Your Mind – Part II

Travel Caribbean: 10 Caribbean Destinations To Soothe Your Mind – Part II


Last time, we explored a batch of five laid-back and relaxed Caribbean destinations ideal for stressed-out tourists seeking to soothe their minds: Ocho Rios (Jamaica), Fitts Village (Barbados), St. George’s (Grenada), Nassau (Bahamas), and Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic). To continue that trend of providing you with all-inclusive Caribbean destinations, we’ve curated five more attractions in the region to help you kick back and unwind.

In this list, you’ll discover a slew of places that cater to everyone. Yes, dads, moms, and the kids. Of course, the single pringles and those in intimate relationships will also find these spots delightful. So if you, or your family, are stressed out and need a perfect hideout to rejuvenate your harried minds, check out these fabulous locations in the beach-packed, resort-filled, and tourist-friendly Caribbean countries.

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#1. Oistins, Barbados

Photo: @izzyandluka/Instagram

Oistins, a quaint village on the southern coast of Barbados, ticks many good boxes essential for an enjoyable and hassle-free vacation. It’s a picturesque village with colorful houses and lush trees. It’s also got fine beach sand and turquoise waters to thrill both old and young. It’s also a fishing village; so visitors can practice a bit of fishing when not lounging idly on the beach.

Oistins has friendly locals – accommodating people that are nice to talk to and happy to share a thing or two about their own lives. The village also has a local market which you can visit to meet the locals as they are. You will surely find lots of seafood in Oistins. Do your best to savor as much of it as you can when you patronize the local eateries. Plus, indulging in a fishing activity is off the beaten track, but it can help rejuvenate your mind. The friendly locals will give you helpful tips. Oistins is a simple but exotic place to encounter; just make sure to mingle with the people here for a rich Barbadian experience.

#2. Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

Photo: @hello_yunalee/Instagram

Wearied tourists seeking a quiet hideaway from their busy lifestyles, noisy commutes, and bustling cities are welcome to one of the most popular beaches in the Bahamas – Cable Beach, located on New Providence Island about 6 miles west of downtown Nassau. Visitors desiring a calm beachside relaxation are in the right place in Cable Beach. Here, you can rent a beach chair and umbrella and lounge for as long as you wish. You’ll enjoy the cool breezes. You’ll also love its more than two miles stretch of soft white sand.

A stroll down this seaside paradise will make your day. The view of its blue waters is splendid, a perfect companion to your quiet meditation and private contemplation. You, or the kids, can indulge in a little game or adventure if you are in the mood for it – the right dose of sport can no doubt improve the state of your mind. How about a sandcastle-building competition? Do you fancy a game of volleyball? Are you open to kayaking? This idyllic jewel of the Bahamas has what it takes to soothe and rejig your mind. There are nearby hotels and resorts to cap your idyllic experience with memorable hospitality.

#3. Calivigny Island, Grenada

Photo: @portlouismarinaofficial/Instagram

If you are looking for a high-end exclusive location in the Caribbean with state-of-the-art accommodation, top-notch luxury, and lush vegetation, Calivigny Island meets your expectations. It is suitable for the weary traveler in need of a most private and tranquil hideout. Warmed with sunlight, the island is packed with tropical gardens, beaches of fine white sand, and resorts that offer a wide range of first-rate spa services such as skin treatments, body massages, and a host of therapies that can heal the body and the mind.

#4. Half Moon Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Photo: @julianfarrowluxurytravel/Instagram

Flaunting one of the most fabulous white sand crescent beaches, Half Moon Bay in Antigua is an alluring and breathtakingly beautiful destination for travelers in search of mind-soothing relaxation in an excluded Caribbean location. It is adorned with a 3,200-foot crescent of white coral sand looking out to turquoise water. The quiet and excluded bay offers you a thorough reprieve from a hectic lifestyle.

Here, you can also enjoy a refreshing experience of contributing to the healing of the planet by joining in the efforts to return the reefs of Half Moon Bay to full health. Nature rewards those whose efforts bring about its own healing. The lush vegetation around this location is a natural beauty to explore and enjoy. A national park to the north conserves some of Antigua’s biodiversity, while hiking trails on the west offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

#5. Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Photo: @fountainaguilla/Instagram

No list of all-inclusive Caribbean destinations is ever complete without this spot. Shoal Bay is famous for its coral gardens, pinkish-hued beach sand, and its distinctive blue water. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the world. Flaunting a two-mile stretch of beach, the bay is a spectacular place to see.

Sit under one of the brightly-colored umbrellas on the beach and enjoy the picturesqueness of this place. Have a drink. Savor a mouthwatering meal or snack. Pamper yourself. Take a walk down the beach. Let the blue water lap your feet. Enjoy the breezes. Fill your soul with the serenity of this place. Take photographs. Make friends, if you care. But what’s most important: let Shoal Bay befriend you. Your vacation will be happier for it.

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