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The Lebanese Wedding Scene Might Be Even More Spectacular Than Nigeria’s | Photos

The Lebanese Wedding Scene Might Be Even More Spectacular Than Nigeria’s | Photos

Nigerians are known for a good number of things: our diverse colourful cultures, our infectious energy, our ‘can-do’ spirit and also our love for indulging in the good things of life.

This love for indulgence is what propels our tendency to go over the top for what in other parts of the world could have been simple celebrations: a child birth, naming ceremonies etc which has led to the rise of the ‘Owambe‘ – a Yoruba word which literally means party/celebration, which takes place almost every weekend in big cities like Lagos. The biggest of these celebrations tend to be weddings.

Nigerians like to go all out with weddings with food, fashionable outfits, music and most importantly the decor. One cannot deny the fact that what creates the ambience of a wedding is the interior decoration, one could step into a wedding hall and be transported to a fairy-tale or fantasy land based on just the decoration!

Decorators and couples know this and go out of their way to thrill and wow their guests using colours, fabric, flowers and so much more. An example is the Alakija Wedding which was held in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

The wedding between the son of Africa’s richest woman Folarin Alakija and Iranian model Nazanin Jafarian Ghaissarifar was definitely a sight to behold. From the breathtaking location to the splendid flower decoration, especially the one million roses, by renowned and phenomenal florist Jeff Leatham.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

The marriage was considered one of, if not the most expensive weddings of recent time with about £5 million spent. Proving how big and splendid Nigerian weddings can get! But right before we give Nigerian weddings the cake because without a doubt Nigerian weddings are truly a glorious sight, it seems that there is a country that can give Nigeria a run for its money in the game and that country is Lebanon. The Lebanese wedding scene seems to be truly a sight to behold with breathtaking floral arrangements, creative decor and the most stunning colour palettes ever.

Whilst we agree that Nigerian weddings are pageantry goals, these Lebanese wedding decor pictures might have you thinking otherwise…..





Photo credit: IG | lebaneseweddings, bazevents.

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