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5 Reasons Why Noble Igwe Stays Topping The Fashion Charts

5 Reasons Why Noble Igwe Stays Topping The Fashion Charts

Noble ‘Nobs’ Igwe the founder of Style Vitae is one of the most fashionable men in Nigeria and can be described as a style influencer who is the full package thanks to his style versatility and out-of-the-box styling. His signature beard, traditional headwear, and ability to serve faces are easily recognized by the media entrepreneur.

It takes a lot to stay at the top of a fast-paced industry like fashion, and Noble Igwe has managed to stay on top of his game. Over the years, his flamboyant style has earned him recognition on the fashion scene both locally and internationally due to his consistent style proclivity.

Here are five reasons we think Noble tops the men’s fashion charts… Style Vitae

#1. He makes monochrome look like high fashion

Noble Igwe Style Vitae stylevitae

Noble knows when to serve a minimalist look without looking drab. If being able to make a simple everyday monochrome trad wear to look like high fashion was a superpower, Noble Igwe would have been a superhero.

#2. He serves Ankara shorts with a dash of suave

Of course, Ankara shorts never went anywhere, but when we see them on Nobs, they look like it’s the first time we’ve seen them. He wears them in a slightly dapper fashion, which gives off a fashionable business casual vibe and showing off legs that we can’t help but gawk at.

#3. He has got an eye for details

Noble Igwe Style Vitae stylevitae

One thing that makes or breaks an outfit is the details, the simple touches, those things that we tend to overlook, but the fashion elites like Noble would never. One thing that has kept Noble at the fashion top is his keen eye for quirky details, which tell of a rich personality.

#4. His audacious headwear

Noble Igwe Style Vitae stylevitae

In the years Noble Igwe has been active on the scene, other than his beard, his other signature accessory has been his traditional headwear. Scarcely ever found without one, this fashionista adorns a variety of headwear which are usually stylishly in contrast to his outfit.

#5. He drapes his jackets over his shoulder like the fashion gawd he is

Noble Igwe Style Vitae stylevitae

As we learned from fashion blogger Denola Grey, draping your jackets over your shoulders as a cape is a fashion hack for upgrading a simple look and looking like a fashion cool kid. It is also another signature style of Noble Igwe, and it definitely works for him.

Photo credit: IG | Noble_igwe

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