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Jolaoso Adebayo’s Thrilling Images Are What You Should Be Looking At Right Now

Jolaoso Adebayo’s Thrilling Images Are What You Should Be Looking At Right Now

Jolaoso Adebayo's Thrilling Images Are What You Should Be Looking At Right Now

Every photographer has something that makes them different; that unique perspective when it comes to telling stories that have the power to keep the audience under a spell. One visual artist with such powers is Nigerian born photographer, Jolaoso Adebayo.

If there is anything I love more than fashion, it will be finding new creatives to obsess over. From bloggers to stylists to photographers, I love seeing how creatives express themselves through their art, especially if it is visually channelled.

A look at Adebayo’s Instagram – which easily doubles as his portfolio – will have you captivated by his ability to capture light and angles in such a unique and interesting format.

Shot of singer Johnny Drille

When I asked about his choice of fashion over other forms of photography his response was: “I love that there are no rules.” In truth, I see that Adebayo doesn’t follow any set rules in photography. Rather, he focuses on using every image to tell a story – a beautiful and intriguing story that stirs up emotions deep inside the viewer’s mind.


Adebayo has a knack for capturing his models in unique lights which set a soulful tone to his images. His unusual angles also transform what would have been an otherwise regular picture into a commanding work of art, all the while showing Adebayo’s understanding of how clothes and his subjects work together.

Throughout his works, he demonstrates a lofty knowledge of compositions. Of course, I could easily go on and on about his skills, but I’d much rather you see it – after all, isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?

Here’s a look at his intriguing portfolio…


Photo credit: IG | Adebayophotographer

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