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7 Splendid Ways To Rock Floral Dresses This Summer

7 Splendid Ways To Rock Floral Dresses This Summer

This summer, take time to smell the flowers. And also wear them. That’s the feeling the season ignites in all of us. As common and expected as this summer style staple may seem, it brings with it a fun take on style that’s perfect for the playful aura of the season. Floral dresses are like a blank canvas that can be tweaked to display your style sensibilities, regardless of what that may be. From appliques to all-over prints, style stars are encouraged to surrender to the whimsical charm they bring.

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There are two ways to sport floral dresses in summer. One way is to play it safe and the other is to squeeze uniqueness out of tradition. Oh, for the sake of fashion, go the second route. This season, whether you choose to champion the breezy resort feeling of relaxation or serve as a reminder of the sexiness of femininity, or you choose to make a case for the party girl, office siren, or adventurous queen aesthetic, you can employ the vehicle of floral numbers to reach your destination in style.

Check out cool ways to wear floral dresses in summer…

#1. Workwear fab

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Floral dresses can be styled to fit into your office’s dress code. Opt for a fitted option in a sturdy fabric like Ankara and layer this on a crisp button-down shirt. For a more polished offering, consider a white shirt–it’s appealing as it’s business-ready.

#2. Pattern clash

Photo: @vanestylesr/Instagram

Pattern clashing is still on the frontline of print fashion. This summer, clash floral prints with abstract choices, but consider the proportions. African prints are all the rage right now so pick one you love and marry it with florals. You can also opt for florals and tie-dye options. Why choose one when you can blend the two into a sleek pleated midi dress? Combine florals and adire prints fused with the contemporary cut-out detail.

#3. Floral sundress

Photo: @tamumcpherson/Instagram

A sundress is lovely but can be easily overlooked. To spruce up the ensemble, focus on color composition. Choose an eye-catching hue from the flowers on your dress and emphasize it with accessories just as influencer Tamu McPherson has done above. While the dress is cute, incorporating matching accessories is an undeniable level-up.

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#4. Tiered mono-sleeve

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Wearing floral dresses in summer is a non-defiant move, but the silhouettes have no business being predictable. Consider mono-sleeves, cut-outs, frills–the options are endless. Punctuate a tiered number with bright summery colors and bold accessories, such as drop earrings and statement sunglasses.

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#5. Floral appliques

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Beyond prints, flowers have morphed into the modish rosette trend. A crochet dress or sexy sheer number with either an all-over rosette or a few infusions is attention-grabbing. Florals keep winning each summer, and like every fashion trend, innovation takes center stage–as it has with this iteration. Play with bold floral concentrations or be graceful with a few hand-embroidered floral appliques.

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#6. Bodycon flow

Photo: @amberdesiree/Instagram

Floral excellence can be etched in simplicity. Sometimes, pause on the razzle-dazzle and slip into a spaghetti strap floral bodycon dress to make an impact. Allow its effortless make up to accentuate your figure, and the colorful prints heed humbly to the season’s whimsy aura. When you choose a simple cut, the florals express themselves with boldness.

Photo: @doctoramira/Instagram

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#7. Mini rose

Photo: @afro_child/Instagram

A pink mini dress with a giant floral bow detail is a unique way to rock floral dresses in summer. Wearing bright colors is the crux of summer fashion. Match the frock with accessories of lighter pink hues as this allows the dress to stand out without being eclipsed. In such an offering, you’re bound to be a lady in full bloom–the season’s highlight.

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