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Meet Stephen Tayo: The Photographer Redefining African Visual Arts With Timeless Images

Meet Stephen Tayo: The Photographer Redefining African Visual Arts With Timeless Images


Stephen Tayo believes Nigeria has some of the most naturally fashionable and artistically inclined people in Africa and we have to agree. With his experience travelling all over the country and capturing the daily lives of its people in their most comfortable everyday look, he has proven that Nigerians have quite a unique taste when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.

Born and raised in the bustling city of Lagos, Stephen Tayo belongs to the flourishing Nigerian subculture known as Alté, short for alternative. With other creatives like Santi and Kenneth Ize card-carrying members, a new generation of young Nigerians has created and shaped a path of their own, bringing Nigeria to the forefront of global alternative culture. But while the world’s interest in the West African capital is newfound and fast-growing, the scene’s growth is neither recent nor far-fetched.

Stephen Tayo

Photography is a tool for me to actualize most of my thoughts, or better yet, a tool that translates the summary of my experiences.

Tayo, who has photographed for the New York Times, Vogue Portugal, I-D, Nike and has captured street style for Vogue, is quickly becoming a name to know in the industry. When asked about his work inspiration during an interview for Dazed, Stephen Tayo said: “My inspiration is from understanding my roots.” And this can be seen in all his photos as he tries to capture Nigeria in its rawest form while showing a glimpse of the country to the world.

The 25-year-old graduate of philosophy tries to get into the mind of his subjects and capture them in their own element – delivering authenticity is at its elemental phase. For Stephen Tayo, it’s the result of continuous hard work.

One thing is certain about his photography, it’s never forced. His work is a reflection of his day-to-day life and involves the documentation of everyone and everything interesting around him.

Check out some of Stephen Tayo’s impressive works below…



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