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From London To Lagos: Last Minute Street Style Tips To Help You Stand Out At Lagos Fashion Week

From London To Lagos: Last Minute Street Style Tips To Help You Stand Out At Lagos Fashion Week


As a true Style Raven, dressing for fashion week is one of the things you live for and we know this. There’s no better time to show off your creativity and with Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019 officially kicking off on Thursday, October 24, you have the perfect opportunity to flourish and shine with your street style.

New York, London, Milan, Paris and South Africa have all had their turns at the fashion cycle and now it is time for the ever bubbly city of Lagos to show the world what it’s made of. In less than 24 hours, all roads lead to the Balmoral Convention Centre at the Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island as designers, models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, buyers and other fashion faithfuls convene for one of Africa’s most prestigious fashion events.

In as much as you’d love to have fun with your street style looks at Lagos Fashion Week 2019, remember that the weather should be taken into consideration. In the past few weeks, the rains have been consistent in Lagos and for Fashion Week street style, you’d definitely need an outfit that can withstand the rain, the resulting cold but also just good enough for fair weather.

In picking out your looks, think layers, prints, bold colors and statement items. These will definitely help you stand out in a crowd. If you’re trying to get snapped by top street style photographers – and honestly, which fashion enthusiast isn’t? – then you ought to make sure that your look is unique!

To help you own the streets, we have curated the top tips as inspired by the best street style looks spotted by our collaborating photographer Martyna Mierzejewska during London Fashion Week SS20.

This year, the theme for Lagos Fashion Week is #BeyondCreativity and we can’t wait to see how well you channel your creativity to reflect this theme. To stay ahead of the game, you can also tap into the top trends we have predicted for 2020.

Remember, no matter how you choose to slay, comfort and practicality are keys to expressing yourself and your style without feeling like you’re unauthentic.

Here are 10 tips to help you slay your street style at Lagos Fashion Week 2019…

1. Statement bags


This never fails. You can literally wear the most boring of outfits and still get a lot of attention by carrying the most interesting hand bag. Think of it as a way of waving a flag that reads: I’m cool and I know it!

2. Over-sized statement dress

An oversize dress is the surest way to appear effortlessly cool. You’re saying… listen, style comes so naturally to me that I just grabbed anything out of my closet and stepped out! A statement accessory like the waist bag seen here helps define your figure and adds an additional layer of cool while being functional. A winning look! 

3. Artsy pieces

Any artsy accessory or artsy outfit in general will draw attention to you and help you look like a true fashion icon.

4. Fringe benefits

Fringes by their sheer nature are attention grabbing and any fringe piece will have people inexplicably drawn in your direction.

 5. Slay in pairs

For Lagos Fashion Week, you can also decide to level up by grabbing a friend or two to attend shows with and coordinating outfits for a killer Insta shot. After all, we all know that the only thing better than one Style Raven is two Style Ravens!

6. Prints and layers

Prints are the poster child for cool and a layered print look is a sure way to stand out. A corset belt, blazer, bolero and an unbuttoned shirt are all pieces you can layer on a print outfit and instantly look like a certified Style Raven!

7. Monochrome styling with a pop of color

Coordinating your colors is the ultimate way to stand out in a classy way. But don’t just wear one tone or related shades, throw in a little surprise with a contrasting color and watch the cameras chase you down. LOL!

8. Puffy sleeves


It doesn’t matter whether the swell is focused on your shoulder or more gradual down your arm, this bold silhouette is definitely going to have everyone at Lagos Fashion Week looking your way thinking: Who is she? What’s she made of? Who is she again?

9. A pop of color


A bright pop of color is like a candle in the dark. No one can miss it and no one will miss you. The brighter the better, the more uncommon the shade the better. You can use this trick with your shoes, bag, accessories or even your makeup. No one’s gonna miss the girl with cobalt blue lipstick! Just make sure you coordinate your entire look in a way that your wild pop of color still makes sense.

10. Mismatch


A woman wearing mismatched shoes is one who’s ready for anything. Just make sure the shoes are somewhat related and match your outfit nicely. This one is a sure conversation starter so prepare to be the star of the day with a move like this!

All photography by Martyna Mierzejewska for Style Rave. Click here to see more of Martyna’s work.

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