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KAROLINA ZUBKOVA-MATTES Is The Ultimate Haute Couture Fairytale Princess

KAROLINA ZUBKOVA-MATTES Is The Ultimate Haute Couture Fairytale Princess

In 2018, it may seem like fairytale princesses no longer exists but one look at Karolina Zubkova-Mattes’ Instagram page would definitely prove otherwise. Karolina is a Russian entrepreneur, wife and mother who describes herself as a haute couture blogger.

Karolina, who is the wife of Silicon Valley-based business mogul, Daniel Mattes, is definitely living every fashion girl’s dream! Whether she is jet-setting from one city to the other or simply running errands, she does it in style; and not just any style, but in luxurious ensembles that make you drool.

From Chanel to Zuhair Murad and Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda, she is a highly prized client and a coveted front row guest during fashion weeks. Her style is classic, elegant and chic. Karolina has mastered the art of balancing her haute couture pieces in a way that they don’t come off as being over the top.


She is one who almost never repeats her outfit and has taken to social media, particularly Instagram to sell off the pieces you find on her. How cool is that? This, she does on a separate Instagram account named Your Fairytale Closet. The best part is that she sells them at a relatively affordable rate.

Take a look at some of Karolina Zubkova-Mattes’ most stunning style choices…

Photo credit: IG | Karolinasfairytale

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