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The Power Girl’s Hacks: 10 DIY Tricks That Make Your Life Easier

The Power Girl’s Hacks: 10 DIY Tricks That Make Your Life Easier


DIY is undoubtedly an answer to any prayer. Whether it’s a hair mask or a quick stitch, it’s important to have a few tricks under your sleeves to help you out when you’re in a tight spot. As a girl, there’re some tips and tricks you need to know to make your life easier and to save you from unexpected situations. Thanks to these DIY tips for girls, your day can easily go from bummer to fulfilling.

Imagine being in a hurry to step out of the house only to realize your jeans have developed an uncanny smell. Or you notice that your mascara wand has become a shadow of what it used to be. How do you salvage the situation? Well, that’s what we’ll cover in this quick guide as we share 10 DIY tips every girl will find useful.

Check out 10 DIY tips for girls that could just save your day… 

#1. Remove bad smell from your jeans

Photo: Mica Asato/Pexels

If you notice that your jeans have suddenly developed a terrible odor and you’re not able to do a wash, don’t worry. Simply put your jeans in a plastic bag and throw them in a freezer overnight. This will certainly get rid of any bad odors. You’re welcome.

#2. Quickly sort out your keys

Photo: Andrew Neel/Pexels

Tired of always struggling to remember which key opens which lock? Your answer is simple. Paint your keys with nail polish, glitter, or even rhinestones (classy babe!) so you can easily remember which opens which door. Color coding to the rescue.

#3. Make your tight shoe fit

Photo: Elegance Nairobi/Pexels

These DIY tips for girls are the surest way to fit into your tight shoes. Simply wear your socks and then put on the said shoes. After which, use a hair dryer to blow on the tightest corners. Keep repeating until the shoes fit comfortably. Genius, isn’t it?

#4. Wear a bracelet yourself

Photo: Kristina Paukshtite/Pexels

Do you remember that feeling when you’re late for a function, you are in a hurry, and you wish there was someone to help you put on your bracelet? Well, you can do it all by yourself. Simply stick a length of tape over the bracelet on your wrist, and it becomes so easy to make the connection.

#5. Open bottles without an opener

Photo: cottonbro/Pexels

This trick is sure gonna make you look like a superhero, especially when you are hanging out with your male friends. If there is no bottle opener around, use an eyelash curler to take off bottle caps in a second! Whoop, whoop, girly things to the rescue!

#6. Dry your hair

Photo: Armin Rimoldi/Pexels

Of course, air-drying your hair is always the best option but what do you do when time is of the essence? No, don’t blow dry your hair moisture away. Rather, use a very soft T-shirt to do the trick. This option is better than using a towel as towels cause frizzy hair.

#7. Prevent your necklace from tangling

Photo: Christopher/Pexels

It’s super frustrating to want to wear your favorite necklace only to see it’s all tangled. Not to mention the horror of having to sit and untangle it. You can prevent necklace tangles by putting them through a single short straw as this helps each maintain their own space without running into each other.

#8. Remove red wine stains

Photo: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

Whether on a date, a girl’s night out, or a sleepover, you (or someone else) may spill the red wine all over. You can be the hero and save the day by using white wine! Yes, you heard right. The white wine neutralizes the color of the red wine, thus allowing the stain to be removed much more easily by washing. Now that’s handy DIY tips for girls.

#9. Restore your mascara wand to new

Photo: Shiny Diamond/Pexels

Is your mascara wand so thick with mascara that you don’t know what to do with it? Simply wash your mascara wand in hot water to restore it to new instead of throwing it away or buying a new one.

#10. Stay motivated

Photo: Ylanite Koppens/Pexels

Finally, what’s a girl without her air, graces, and a touch of motivation to get her going? Keep your motivation turned on by using a motivational quote like your phone or PC wallpaper. So each time you use it, you have some dose of motivation to keep you going.

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