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Voting And Leadership: 3 Things Chrissy Teigen Revealed In Her Marie Claire Cover Story

Voting And Leadership: 3 Things Chrissy Teigen Revealed In Her Marie Claire Cover Story


Television host, producer, and businesswoman, Chrissy Teigen who’s on the cover of the October issue of Marie Claire magazine shared with us good reasons to step off social media and vote in the upcoming polls.

For many black people and people of color around the country, the upcoming election is a means to remedy the prevalent issues caused by systemic racism and police brutality. Styled and photographed by an amazing team, a la social distancing, Chrissy in her usual bubbly fashion was happy to break down the issues unfolding.


Here are 3 things Chrissy Teigen revealed in her Marie Claire cover story…

#1. Setting limits and boundaries is everything


Being a parent during a time like this while managing multiple businesses is a chore. One Chrissy has tried to manage as much as possible. Recently, as she began therapy, she started to stay off social media and says it has been very helpful for her anxiety.

#2. Her children are the most important thing in her world


She has been struggling to explain the prevailing situation to her children, 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old, Miles. “People are very confident in their ways of being open about their racism because they have the backing views of the president,” she said, rather unhappy. “I’m going to fight to get this person out of office because I can’t live another four years with this kind of hatred boiling through America.” All to have a better country in the future for her kids.

#3. Her political aspirations are as clear cut as her leadership views


Right now she endorses the Democrat Party with the candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, she also intends to be more inclusive in her search for talents for hire. “It’s been fun to put a producer hat on and discover new talent in quarantine on YouTube,” she said as she continues to search for folks in marginalized communities to be employed in her companies.

Read the full story here.

Photo: Lauren Dukoff

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