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SR International: John Legend Talks New Baby, His Busy Morning Routine And More

SR International: John Legend Talks New Baby, His Busy Morning Routine And More


By his own account, John Legend isn’t living a rock star life right now. Last month, he and his wife, model and chef Chrissy Teigen, welcomed a new baby, Esti Maxine Stephens, so he’s been going to bed and waking up earlier than usual. John Legend Net Worth

After bringing Esti home last month, Ms. Teigen posted an Instagram of the couple’s two older children, Luna, 6, and Miles, 4, holding their newborn sister. Was Mr. Legend really shedding “nightly tears of joy,” as his wife wrote in her caption? “It was making me emotional the first two nights we were home because I just felt the love expand in the house, and I felt the excitement,” the 44-year-old musician said.

Last week, John Legend—who reportedly has a net worth of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—released “Legend (Solo Piano Version),” featuring stripped-down versions of songs from his most recent album, as well as covers of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and Sade’s “By Your Side.” Here, he talks about his daily routines, the songwriting process, and why Ms. Teigen doesn’t get to hear his demos.

Here are a few things John Legend revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

On what time he gets up on Mondays, and the first thing he does after waking up:

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We have a new baby, so we’re at her mercy a little bit. Chrissy will usually wake up to feed her around 6, and then my older kids usually will come running into our bedroom around 6:30, no later than 7. One way or another, our kids are waking us up. We have a little gym in our house, and I’ll usually work out, then get ready for the day and take the kids to school around 8:30. John Legend Net Worth

On being in charge of breakfast for his family:

I’ll have some scrambled eggs or an omelet, maybe some green juice. I’m in charge of breakfast at our house, so I make pancakes for the kids. Sometimes I make Chrissy oatmeal, which is supposed to be good for breastfeeding. I make lots of eggs and bacon and pretty much every version of breakfast meat that we might have.

On his TikTok series called “Songs I Wrote About Chrissy,” and whether she ever gives her input when he’s writing or recording:

Not a lot. She likes to hear it after it’s done. She learned when she started dating me that the demos change a lot, and she didn’t like them changing because she would fall in love. We call it “demo-itis” in the business. She’s like, “Play it for me when it’s done.”

On whether there’s a lightbulb moment when a lyric is perfect or a song is finished:

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That happens a lot. I think the first time is when you come up with a melody that feels really special and that feels really infectious, and it really works with the music. And then the next moment is usually when you come up with a hook, a lyrical concept, that will really make a great song. And then the next lightbulb is usually when you really start coming up with verses. For me, I mumble the melody until I am led to lyrics by what I’ve mumbled.

On what it’s like to see such a personal song as “All of Me” become one of the biggest modern-day wedding songs:

I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of songs now, and you never know what path each song is going to take. When I finished writing “All of Me,” I was happy with it. I wrote it before Chrissy and I got married, we were engaged, and the first time I sang it live was at our wedding. It was about us, about our relationship, about her, and inspired by my own life, but seeing it applied to everyone else’s life has been really beautiful and rewarding for me.

On juggling so many projects at once and how he delegates:

There’s so much that I delegate so that I can focus on making music and performing live. Of course, we have help with the kids—nannies and my mother-in-law lives with us—but we try to focus on what really matters and focus on being where we need to be at the right moments to really enjoy our lives with our kids and make the most of our work life.

On what he’s learned in developing his new skincare line, Loved01:

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I get to speak to a real expert all the time. Dr. [Naana] Boakye is our dermatologist on staff. She’s a Black woman and she’s been thinking about skin conditions and skin treatment for darker skin tones for a long time. I’ve been learning a lot from her about what unique needs we tend to have and how to address that with our ingredients.

On what he does for self-care and to relax:

I like to watch sports, and I consider that my own way of relaxing. And then just watching good TV with Chrissy, having a glass of wine.

On what he’s watching lately:

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When I was on the road, I just checked out “Your Honor” on Showtime, which I really liked, with Bryan Cranston. We loved the Chippendales one that Kumail [Nanjiani] was in. And then we watch a lot of reality TV.

On whether they have an all-time favorite reality TV show:

We’re very into the “90 Day” franchise, but Chrissy’s favorite is most definitely “Real Housewives” franchise, so that gets watched a lot in our home. I’ll watch it a lot with her and just SMH [shake my head] the whole time. John Legend Net Worth

On the one piece of advice he’s gotten that’s guided him:

Quincy Jones said, “Steal from the best,” which is one way of looking at taking your influences and using them to make you a better creator and a better artist. But I also think collaborating with the best is important, too, and so you’re not stealing—you’re sharing with them, and they make you better and smarter.

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