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The Ultimate Makeup Organization Guide: 6 Steps To Elevate Your Makeup Storage Game

The Ultimate Makeup Organization Guide: 6 Steps To Elevate Your Makeup Storage Game


Correct me, if I’m wrong but doesn’t it get frustrating when you have to rummage around for your favorite lipliner, pulling out eye pencils instead before you finally find what you are looking for? We’ve all been there––you promise yourself each time you spend 10 extra minutes on your flawless look, that you will finally clean out your makeup drawer or bag, filled with broken compacts and dried-out mascara. Ideas to organize makeup in drawer.

But who really wants to spend ages sorting through makeup when you could be binging on your favorite shows? Plus, the thought of parting with all those bottles of nail polish we have collected over the years (er, hoarded?) doesn’t sound like fun. Afterall, you spent time hunting down those limited-edition colors. It’s no surprise there that the decluttering task seems daunting…where to even begin? Phew!

Meet Mo, your decluttering guru

Hi Style Ravens, I am Mo, a Professional Organizer who is very much a global nomad. I currently live in Ghana with my husband and two beautiful daughters. When I am not decluttering a closet or pantry, you’ll find me listening to NPR podcasts in my spare time. I’ll be sharing organization and interior styling tips to help elevate your home and workplace. Trust me, with me on your case, you’ll never have a cluttered space again. Now, let’s get back to business.

Let’s talk beautifying your beauty products space

Firstly, I’m here to tell you that taking your makeup organization to the next level doesn’t have to take too much time and effort. But it’s definitely worth it––and even if your makeup collection isn’t beauty vlogger-massive, keeping it organized will help you save time when you are getting your face beat in the morning (10 minutes of extra beauty sleep? Sign us up, please).

Being organized also saves you major bucks: because when you know what you have in your stash, you won’t be tempted to buy a duplicate product even when it is enticingly on sale.

Sounds great? Read on for more – It’s as easy as 6 steps to keep your beauty products looking as organized and chic as a Sephora’s display….

Before you begin, put on some fun music, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thing) and get to it.

#1: Lay it all out


Begin by laying out all your products on a flat surface (or several depending on how much you have). I suggest staying away from white bedlinen and lining any surface you use with garbage bags or paper to prevent them from being stained with product. Taking stock of your stash allows you to toss those eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, or skincare products that you haven’t touched in years. This exercise also gives you a visual cue of what takes up the most space in your makeup storage.

#2: Purge

Photo: Joshua Hoehne | Unsplash

Trash those beauty products that have expired, dried up, changed color or smell and have broken. Get rid of products you likely won’t use again (perhaps the color has gone out of style or you realise they contain harmful ingredients). You can give away products that are unopened and not yet reached their expiration dates. Proceed to wipe down the inside of your makeup drawer or shelf of any smudged makeup and eyeliner pencil shavings that have gathered over time. You can also wipe down your beauty product cases that have been stained by makeup. Don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes and applicators too! Finally, sharpen your pencils.

Tip: Some products have a small symbol on the label that will tell you how long it lasts. It’s a symbol of an open cream jar which has a number – this number tells you how many months the product will last for after you open it.

You have decluttered. Great! Now, it’s time to organize.

#3: Group Like Items

Photo: Amy Shamblen | Unsplash

Now that you have decided on the products to keep, group the items that made the cut. This will give you the sense of how many items you own that serve the exact same purpose. Category suggestions include: Eyes (liners, shadows, mascaras, lashes), Lips (balms, liners, lipstick, lip primer), Face (foundation, concealer, primer), Nails (Polish, lotion, nail file) and so on. Everyone has their own organization style so sort according to what’s best and easiest for you. The most common way is to further sort the categories by frequency of use: Everyday use, Nighttime, Special occasion, Travel/On-the-go and Duplicate products. Ideas to organize makeup in drawer.

Daily Use: For beauty products you use every day such as your daily and nightly moisturizers, sunscreen, foundation and brushes, place these in a designated shelf, drawer or storage organizer for ease of access. The faster you can reach these products, the less time you spend looking for what you need.

Others: Designate a section of your storage space for each category of products. For example, your masks that you use once a week can go in a pampering basket underneath your bathroom sink. You can designate a separate organizer for your eyeshadow palettes and yet another for your extra beauty sponges and so on.

To go the extra mile, sort and store your products even further by color and label all the different categories.

#4: Store


When it comes to organizing beauty products, you have endless options. You do not necessarily need to go out and buy new storage containers – use what you have already. Baskets, acrylic makeup cases, drawer inserts and cute containers do the job of keeping your products organized, in place and looking chic. Figure out your available organization space and systems. Make the most use of your drawers, shelves and countertops to organize your products – of course, this depends on the space you have available. Ideas to organize makeup in drawer.

Countertop: If you are short on drawer space, look for organizers that can be stored on your countertop such as acrylic makeup systems. A beauty case is also a great way to organize makeup on your countertop.

Drawers: If you have some extra space in your vanity, then you can store your makeup in the drawers. You can neatly arrange your collection while keeping your countertop free of clutter! Keep your products from moving around by placing them in small baskets or containers that will fit easily in your drawers.

Tip: If you are a serious makeup junkie or aspiring beauty guru, organizers such as the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit is very popular for organizing large amounts of beauty products.

Get Creative!


Sure, you could always go out and purchase new makeup organizers but you can also think outside the box and use things you already have lying around your house. There are many DIY ways to display your makeup according to your personal style. For a chic aesthetic, get some fake flowers in a vase and place on the countertop next to your makeup display or line your drawers with patterns and colors that appeal to you.

– Perfume: Display your fragrances on a pretty cake stand.

– Brushes: Fill a clear glass jar with coffee beans or marbles and keep your brushes in it.

– Palettes: Use a magazine or folder rack to arrange makeup palettes.

– Concealers and compacts: Attach makeup containers to a Magnetic board.

– Nail polish: Show off your nail color obsession on a mounted spice rack.

– Lashes: Organize your falsies in a pill organizer.

#5: On-the-go

Image: pinterest

Once you have your storage sorted at home, it’s nice to have a good makeup storage option for when you are out and about or when you travel. The products you use on-the-go can go in your makeup pouch and into your handbag (Tip: use travel-sized products to keep your purse as light as possible). It is important to keep your makeup organized when traveling as you certainly wouldn’t want all of your makeup spinning out of control haphazardly in your suitcase. There are many makeup travel organizers out there you can use to keep your products in tip-top shape.

#6: Maintenance


You are now a makeup organizer guru – doesn’t it feel amazing to have things in place? You may however be thinking, ‘my makeup organization looks great now but what happens a month from now’? Fret not – there are a few things to do to make sure your hard work is not in vain. Ideas to organize makeup in drawer.

Limit the free stuff: Try your hardest to say, ‘no, thank you’, to free beauty samples. This just adds clutter and lands you back at square one.

Purge often: Aim to go through your beauty collection periodically to get rid of expired product and to take stock. Ideas to organize makeup in drawer.

By taking some time to clean, sort, and organize your makeup, you can take back your mornings and spend less money buying makeup you already have. And that feeling you get when you look at your Sephora display-worthy collection? Priceless.

How did you like these ideas? Be sure to share in the comment section below.

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