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Blogger Queen TESHNA Serves Awe-Inspiring Hairstyles Inspiration At All Levels

Blogger Queen TESHNA Serves Awe-Inspiring Hairstyles Inspiration At All Levels


A black woman’s hair and look in general is very important to her. For many it is literally their crowning glory and for others it’s their source of joy. Don’t believe me, just take a look at how serious the hair industry is and how practical hair bloggers like Queen Teshna take their work. Black girls are anything but boring and the same can be said about our hairstyle choices.

One thing that is synonymous with a black woman’s hair is the experimental attribution. There’s a joke that has been making the rounds on the internet and it goes as like this “If you are dating a black woman it’s like you are dating twenty different women at the same time.” It’s a hilarious joke but there’s some truth in it because our hair can withstand a lot, and I mean a lot! And for this reason we are able to try out different hairstyles every and any time we want to.

If you are in the mood for a switch up and have no clue what type of hairstyle you want to go for but you know you want something with flair; something experimental, then you won’t be able get enough of these hair inspiration all thanks to Queen Teshna.

Check out these hairstyle inspirations if you want to live it up…

Photo Credit: IG | Queen Teshna 

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