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Holiday Special: 10 Refreshing Ways To Style Braids And Locs This Festive Season

Holiday Special: 10 Refreshing Ways To Style Braids And Locs This Festive Season


Looking for a unique holiday look? Most girls rock a multitude of hairstyles all year round however when the holidays come around, they scramble to find that one hairstyle that will help them stand out all season long. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s protective, stylish, and refreshingly versatile, then braids and locs are your answer. From up-dos to full drops, center parts, and secured with scarves, these styles are a season necessity. So, how do you style braids and locs?

Good for you, several style girls have gone all creative with these hairstyles and have made it super easy for you to get some inspiration. As such, we’ll be taking a look at some ways you can style them. While it’s completely okay to follow their example to the T, you may also use these styling options as a guide for yours. The most important thing is that you opt for stying that’s comfortable, suits your personality, and is also trendy.

The great thing about locs and braids styling is that there’s no wrong way to do it. Think about it, have you ever come across a person that these styles didn’t fit? Well, I haven’t. Of course, it’s important to consider your facial features (and lifestyle) when choosing a hairstyle, but the duo is hands-down one of the best hairstyles that fit almost anybody! Also, because they are super versatile, you can change up your look every day through the holiday and you’ll never come off as boring. That’s quite the hairstyle if you ask me.

Check out 10 refreshing ways to style braids and locs this holiday season…

#1. Tail braids

How about you take a double spin on braids this season? This offers an easy way to add character to your braids or locs as you go about the festivities this period brings. Just as Janet Jackson has done below, hold your hair in an updo and then braid your braids at the tail region in one, two, or three parts. 

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A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson)


#2. Full crown

Channel your inner African Queen in the fullness of its glory. This hairstyle adds volume which is always a good idea for most face shapes. If this is the option you choose to explore, then you have to opt for braids/locs with length and width in order to achieve the “crown” effect. 

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A post shared by Dineo Langa (@dineomoeketsi)


#3. Messy bun

There’s something downright sexy about the messy bun, whether it’s with your natural hair, braids, or locs. When styling, consciously allow loose strands to run free as that increases the impact of the style. Simply put, the messier, the better. Just ensure you don’t go too wild if you don’t have the stomach for it. 


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A post shared by Jacob Webster (@jpwphoto)

#4. The full up-do

This is probably the first thought that comes to mind on how to style braids. However, rather than just secure it on your crown, add a little sass by bringing the loose ends to the sides of your face. This instantly elevates the styling and makes it more refreshing.

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A post shared by keri hilson (@kerihilson)


#5. Half up, half down

There’s a certain air of edgy sensuality this style evokes that makes it a beloved option for many celebrities. From Ciara to Rihanna and many others, several women are owning these locs and braids styling, and so should you. Another great thing about this style is that it doesn’t have to be perfectly held together as a little messy lends to its sensual nature.

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A post shared by Folu Art Studio (@foluartstudio)


#6. Let loose

Usually, when we think about how to style braids and locs, we consider every option except letting it loose. Yet, allowing your hair to fall freely is a style in itself. You can incorporate a much-needed edge to this style by using hair accessories like beads and cowries for an instant lift. The only drawback, however, is that you may need to constantly keep it away from your face as you go about your day. But that shouldn’t deter you.

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A post shared by DIDI-STONE (@didistone)


#7. Secured in a scarf

A scarf isn’t just a handy accessory for fashion, but also for your hair. To evoke your inner Patra, secure your locs and braids in a stylish scarf. Whether it’s plain, patterned, or multicolored, the scarf will work wonders. How you “scarf” is also worth considering as you can tie it gracefully around your temples, or you can go regal in a turban.

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A post shared by sarah. (@sarahsokulskyj)

#8. Up-do with a side

Here is another refreshing spin to the up-do. As you secure your hair as you normally would, allow a little section to slide across your face. That is from your forehead to the sides of your face and over your ears. This face-framing hairstyle gives a more coordinated look and is perfect for pairing with formal wear.

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A post shared by ?Sunflower? (@evamarcille)


#9. Pigtails

Now, all the girly girls can come out to play. Although pigtails are girly and delicate, they are by no means inferior to the other styles on this list. These sassy styles are great as a pre-Christmas option for those days you’re running errands or catching drinks with your friends.

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A post shared by @lee.estelle_


#10. Duo-forward buns

If the above pigtails are not your thing, you can take a wild spin on it by converting the pigtails into buns and then bringing them forward. This isn’t such a common locs and braids styling option, so you should get attention for all the right reasons.

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